Instagram Photo Dump December 2012


1) Celebrated my boyfriend RG’s birthday at Draft in Rockwell! Had this yummy meal all to myself while he ordered a scrumptious burger. NOM


2) Salmon sashimi at Marufuku in Ortigas.


3) Macarons at Chez Karine in Serendra.


4) With my friend Kim at Starbucks Solenad! We spent a whole day with our friends swimming at West Grove. Top from Yesstyle, shorts from Bayo, sunnies from Zara.


5) Squinty eyes and pretty plants on a very sunny day. L-R: me (lol my legs are so landi), Tracy, Teptep, Kim and Krissy


6) Awesome double rainbow after a perfect weekend getaway with your equally perfect friends.


7) Celebrated my eldest twin brothers Chase and Juju’s birthday at Nanbantei at High Street Central. SO MUCH FOOD, DECEMBER. A few weeks prior to this occasion, I also celebrate my birthday on November 24 while my youngest brother celebrates it on November 27. Then it’s my boyfriend’s turn on December 3, before my brothers who celebrate theirs on December 10. Yep, we’re all Sagittarius.


8) Wearing my Baby-G x Ke$ha watch from Time Depot.


9) Had a shoot for ETC’s Etcetera with fellow bloggers Camille and Laureen! Thanks to all those who tweeted me good stuff about it. Actually, there were even some people who thought it was going to be a weekly thing. Huu, sorry guys. I wish it were possible to just do those cutesy videos on TV and NEVER speak, lol.


10) Got sent ProStyle Fuwarie hair styling mists right after it became available here in Manila. I’ve been using this for quite a while now (check out my Beauty Must-Haves post last January 2012) and I’m so happy they’re finally here! The one who brought it to the Philippines discovered it on my blog first. :D


11) Wearing my Haute Lifestyle dress for my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding.


12) My favorite Brooklyn Omelette from Borough in The Podium.

13) With my niece Zoe at my grandparents’ (her great grandparents’) house for Christmas Day lunch.

14) Pizza and drinks at Locale Gastropub in City Golf with my boyfriend the night before I flew to Japan.

15) My happy self after arriving at our hotel room in Fukuoka. Wearing a JEANASIS sweater which was a gift from my boyfriend from the Collect Point in Singapore. 

16) My fashion bibles! (SCawaii not in picture)

17) Ippudo ramen right after dropping our stuff at the hotel.

18) Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima!

19) Floating Torii in Miyajima!

20) Got myself the Vanilla Onyx body mist from MURUA! The other two I gave to my friends as late Christmas presents.

21) Wearing new purchases! EGOIST bag, SpRay jacket, CECIL McBEE sweater

22) Ramen again! From one of the restaurants in Ramen Stadium Canal City.

23) The cutest bath stuff at Tokyu Hands at Hakata Station. <3

24) Still at Tokyu Hands. TOY CAMERA HEAVEN! I got myself a Megane Cam but I wish I had all the money in the world to buy everything, lol. And I wish I already knew that I was going to get an Instax from my boyfriend for our anniversary in January because they had a complete row just dedicated to Fuji film.

25) Spotted these luxurious-looking macarons at one of my favorite places, the food section of Hankyu department store. The packaging and the colors make them look so precious.

26) Ichigo overload. It’s not too evident in the photo but these are HUGE. And insanely expensive!

27) The Japanese have the best food presentations ever! Everything is so cute, you wouldn’t want to ruin them by digging in!

28) Added one more CANMAKE blush to my already growing collection of Japanese brand blushes. The other one I gave to Crissey as a late Christmas gift. Gave in to consumerism and got myself this limited edition Hello Kitty eyelash glue just because the packaging was too cute to resist.

29) New rings from L.CHANGE at Canal City. Unfortunately, my favorite one on the right recently got lost/stolen/IDK. :( So I’m really careful with the other rings now.

30) My last meal in Japan. :( BRING ME BACKKK