Instagram Photo Dump (September 2013)

The last time I did a post like this one was August? I’m a horrible blogger! I’m really starting to hate myself for not continuing a lot of stuff this year because I got so busy with my book. Promise to bring back my MOFWs this 2014. I’ll also be updating my blog with the rest of my Instagram posts in the next couple of weeks. 

3 months have passed since these pictures and I’ve already forgotten I ever posted some of these on the platform, lol. This has officially transformed into a memory test because I have to remember everything again. At least I can cheat by scrolling down my Instafeed and checking all the captions one by one. This is why social media rocks. 

September was one of my most stressful months of the year because I was working double-time on my book, in preparation for the October launch. It was also my hair transformation month and that time when I went to Hong Kong with Crissey!

1) Gifts from Monica, the owner of I Do Nails (my fave nail salon)

2) Received this crazy awesome Nordstrom make-up set from Gabrielle Online Shop. I love all the neutrals on the left. I have yet to muster up the courage to use brighter colors on my eyelids haha the colors on the right remain unused for now.

3) Caramel overload with caramel macchiato and caramel belgian waffle from Starbucks!

4) That moment when I started doing Korean-style make-up because I fell in love with Stylenanda’s Park Sora.

5) The cutest, most useful camera bags for my 5D Mk II, 350D and Instax mini 7s. All gifts from Izzo Shop

6) Thanks to Hot Mess for the top!

7) High Street Central bathroom selfie with Crissey!

8) Sorelle Accessories made me a customized necklace! I’ve always wanted one of these!

9) Ganso Shabuway with the fam bam.

10) My favorite sea salt caramel latte from Umami Hambaagu House. Also, September was also the month when I clearly became obsessed with Ngi Ngi stamps.

11) I didn’t post this on my own Instagram but I took the photo. Crissey posted it on her Instagram! Too funny not to post. Love you forevs, bb

12) The view from The Peak in Hong Kong! 

13) Crissey and I went shopping at the MURUA at The One! We always ogle at Momoko Ogihara’s Instagram because we love her style so much! I am also now official LINE, Twitter and Instagram friends with Asami Kotake huhu she’s wonderful

14) OOTD time with Crissey! We didn’t plan our outfits and we ended up being all matchy matchy and couple-like. This is the power of Trissey!

15) Laduree macaron nom nom noms.

16) Limited edition leopard print boxes at Laduree. Fierce stuff.

17) A foretelling of the future! This was one of the earliest moments this year when I started drawing my brows darker and skipped the blonde eyebrow pencil and mascara.

18) Boots I got from H&M in Hong Kong. H&M Philippines, I can’t wait for you to arrive already! 2014, please come sooner!

19) After my major hair transformation. Check out all that hair. Looks monstrous.

20) The hairstylist responsible for my short haircut and red hair! Tweet Chay here!

I wish I could say I didn’t know why I looked so haggard during that time but I knew exactly why, lol. It all seems funny and trivial now but I was literally not getting any sleep as I was constantly working on my book!

21) Short, red hair inspired by Sulli’s Ceci cover! A lot of the Japanese neo-gals I follow also have dark hair now!

22) Just G’s September collection. I wore the military print jacket in an outfit post.

23) Posting because my hair looked pretty good here *smug face* lol

24) My first photo with Bailey since I cut my hair short!

25) Modeling a new SNSD x Baby-G watch from Time Depot!

26) All the CANMAKE goodies I got from the make-up tutorial I did for them and Candy magazine! The foundation and powder are winners. I brought them both with me to my US trip! I can’t be caught dead without the powder nowadays too.

27) At the Summit Media office checking the final proofs of my book! I still can’t believe it happened. Thanks to all those who supported my book! It’s been on the best sellers list for 2 consecutive months now.

28) Always feels so good to come home to this giant baby.