Instagram Photo Dump (May 2013)

Almost three months overdue, but not entirely irrelevant yet! May was a special month. I went on a sponsored trip to Tokyo, thanks to EMODA, but I also stuffed myself with so much food, it’s surprising I haven’t doubled my weight yet considering my no-diet, no-exercise lazy ass lifestyle. Thanks mom for the metabolism. FOR NOW!

Also, my IG is @tgosingtian and I use Afterlight or Camera 360 for most of my photos. Will make an updated post on the photography apps that I use soon! Keep an eye out for that!

Warning, food porn ahead!

1) Fatty but awesome ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-men along Jupiter! Met up with the girls of Stores Specialists Inc (SSI) to discuss some collabs!

2) Black, red and white! Thanks to Crowned Velvet for the one on the left and Mikee Mariel Luxe for the one on the right.

God, I can’t even begin to imagine what I’ll do with all my iPhone 4S cases once I upgrade to a higher model. My current iPhone still works perfectly so I’ll wait for iPhone 6 to come out, I guess!

3) Brotzeit at Shang! Thanks to my brother Calel for introducing this place to us! 

4) Because I ran out of Ramune Pink a long time ago, I got myself a new one back when I was in Osaka/Kyoto. The new packaging is a touchy subject, as a lot of people prefer the old one better. Me? I’m part of the very few who prefer this one than the black/silver one with stripes. I’m very partial to black/gold.

5) My default flats nowadays. Pointy shoes have a certain sophisticated feel to them, and I love Poppy Red Shoes for making these weaved ones available for all of us girls to enjoy!

6) Because Kozui (along Tomas Morato) will always be one of my favorites EVER. I really wish they’d open more branches.

7) Paid a visit to the new Morellato in SM North Edsa and got to customize my own bracelets! I had so much fun mixing and matching a whole selection of charms. 

8) Annoying selfie! I liked my make-up here so I had to. I almost never wing my eyeliner nowadays, but I used to be so addicted to this extreme style the last few months! 

9) Yummy oysters at Locale Gastropub in City Golf.

10) My fave Sea Salt Caramel Latte from Umami at The Grove.

11) My first hearty (because of the bowl) not-so-hearty (because of the size) meal in Narita Airport. Most of the restaurants were already closed by the time my brother and I arrived.

12) OOTD! SLY dress, Lowrys Farm denim jacket, and INGNI headband. Not in photo: black Converse hi-tops!

13) Straight bangs and side bangs! Had pasta dinner with pretty Camille and EMODA’s Kumiko somewhere in Shibuya before the touchMe show.

14-15) OOTDs! EMODA everything. Even iPhone case.

16) My kind of accessories. GYDA bracelet, L.CHANCE rings. All from Japan!

17) Another selfie. Tried out the hair chalk / soft pastels that Glam Effect sent me. Pretty cool but super drying! I’ll stick to photoshopping ombres!

18) Burger Mac & Cheese from Torch in Greenhills! Cast iron mac and cheese served with US Angus Beef patty, OMG.

19) Thanks SNS Accessories for the love and heart rings! Chanel Pearl Drop and Emprise on my nails.

20) OOTD! Dress from PINZA Shibuya 109.

21) Another selfie! EMODA top and earrings.

22) NY Cheescake and milk tea from Subspace Coffee House in Ortigas. Rg and I love hanging out at this dainty Korean cafe! If you’re a fan of K-pop, I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize all the songs that they play here. :) Sometimes they even do latte art inspired by certain boy/girl groups!

23) Vidakush sent me these perfect knuckle rings! Simple, just the way I like my accessories.

24) That awkward moment when I started to not look like myself. My hair went back to blonde over time, and my bangs? Non-existent! Gives off a mature feel, yes? 

Got a haircut soon after because my forehead felt naked and I got so conscious when I looked at the mirror and found myself looking like my age (or even older). Bangs can really add to a more youthful appearance. Can I just look 18 forever? Lol

25) Started the month with food, and ended it with food. Happy Wildflour opened in Podium recently! So near where I live <3 Tried their apple pie and latte. Both were lovely!