Ice Blue

This outfit is as confused as I am – not sure if meant for cold weather or for summer. On one hand, I love the spirit that comes with spending summer in the Philippines. On the other hand, it’s the same spirit that drains my energy, rendering me totally powerless against the scorching heat of the sun. And so for once, please forgive me for wearing a half-spring, half-summer outfit even if it looks a little silly.

On a related note, articles about the abundance of malls in the Philippines have been popping up in my newsfeed recently. More than the issue of big companies pushing a cult of consumerism, I think it all really boils down to… IT’S JUST WAY TOO HOT OUTSIDE. And therefore, perpetual airconditioning.

I can feel my HP draining every second I’m exposed to the sun. Cold places give me temporary invincibility.

MURUA jacket / Bayo top / Choies boots / TRIWA watch