Hugo Boss: Father’s Day Fashion

For Father’s Day next week, I decided to schedule an early appointment with my ever-so-busy dad (why you gotta be such a boss) to bring him to the nearest Hugo Boss (Shangri-la Mall East Wing) and get him out of his usual comfort zone.


This is his default work style – classic navy and black. Serious, straightforward, fuss-free, and most probably styled by my mom. Haha, just kidding.

This is my quest to transform my dad into a dapper dad. Well, not really. My dad actually doesn’t obsess about fashion as much as me and my mom do! I’d like to think that while he is the provider of the family, I’m the one providing him with styling tips in return, lol. It was only early this year that he ever tried wearing brown shoes and brown belts! If I didn’t give him a brown belt as a gift last Christmas, he would have never gotten to see how he looks like without his usual black-on-black combo.

Lately, he’s been attending to his godfather duties to several newlywed couples, and he says he feels good wearing bespoke suits, and looking dressier than how he usually is. Fashion is really transformative!

One day, we went to Shang for a daddy-daughter date, and I showed him his true fashion potential!


Entered the Hugo Boss store, and was surprised to see bright colors! Apparently, they often come out with bright oranges and reds every spring/summer. The deeper olives, maroons, and mustards are all reserved for fall/winter collections.




Fashionably cut men’s shirts and jackets for Hugo Boss’ casual line.


My dad loves these kinds of watches. Simple, functional, and ideal for everyday use.


Leather sneakers, anyone? My dad has never been the sneakers kind of guy, but I could imagine my brothers and boyfriend going for something like this!


Men’s shoes make or break an outfit.


You’ll never go wrong with this one though.


Wallets and passport holders.


Belts! The one on the left has the most interesting two-tone design.


Ties, essential elements for anyone’s formal wardrobe.


Bow tie affair.



The trickiest bit about styling men is tailoring. An inch or centimeter off already makes a huge difference. Thankfully, I found some items that fit my dad perfectly!


My dad is no stranger to formal wear – he loves wearing suits and dress shirts. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had this image of him wearing a suit. Very apt for a busy businessman like him!


This time, however, I took inspiration from Hugo Boss’ latest trend report and came up with something that’s new, yet still suits his character.


Look at him, checking out himself in the mirror. Look at me, gushing at how cute my dad is! I guess it’s a pretty cool thing, having your own daughter dress you up. I mean, dressing kids up has always been the parents’ job.


Now it’s my turn to give back and lend him my eye for styling!


Candid photo. He seemed really satisfied with this look! I’m happy if he’s happy!

(Items in this outfit range from P8,250 to P56,500)


The next look is a luxe travel/getaway kind of look. He’s never worn this color scheme before, so I tried to come up with something that is fresh yet still age-appropriate. The original styling for this jacket came with an off white pair of pants, but I don’t think my dad will ever wear something as bold as light-colored cropped trousers, haha.


The gray suits him a lot though! This trip to Hugo Boss ended up being me trying to find my dad alternatives to black and navy. Brown and gray are just as classic!

(I am also absolutely smitten by this jacket – I really want one for myself! I like that it’s a perfect balance between tailored and casual.)


All smiles in his all Hugo Boss outfit. Made him wear loafers for a change. I’m quite proud of how this outfit turned out. Gave me an idea for my next OOTD.

(Items in this outfit range from P14,500 to P40,500)


The last outfit I let him try is a casual weekend look.


And casual weekends for my dad looks like this. If he’s not working, he’s updating his own blog and his own Twitter. Like father, like daughter. Don’t know who influenced who but this looks like a familiar scene…


(Items in this outfit range from P9,100 to P19,500)


And this look concludes our daddy-daughter dress-up date. My dad has spent the last 50+ years of his life working and doing his best, and I know that he can provide the family with anything in the world if we asked him to. How do you give a gift to someone who loves giving gifts to others yet never buys anything for himself? He’s the best dad I could ever have, but it has always been a struggle to let him know how much I care since he never really wished for anything material (and I’d like to think I give really good material gifts). So hopefully I was able to accommodate him properly through this small gesture!

We’ve had our own ups and downs like all parents and children do, but it’s only testament to the fact that I probably got more of my personality, looks, mannerisms, and work habits from him than my mom. And it’s something that I’ll always be proud of. What a compliment. Always gonna be a daddy’s girl!

Thanks Hugo Boss for indulging us with this unforgettable experience! Also, it’s Hugo Boss’ End of Season sale right now, so it’s the perfect time to buy your dads presents in time for next Sunday. The socks, watches, wallets, belts, and ties are super affordable (all less than P10,000) for the quality!

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