How To Get The #PerfectCoke

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Coke’s new #PerfectCoke campaign these past few weeks, and wondering about the difference between the Coke that we grew up with and always enjoyed, and the #PerfectCoke.

Something amazing happens when you chill your Coke to the perfect temperature (3 degrees), and it’s definitely something that creates an experience like no other. Truly a #SarapNgFirst experience! The taste and fizz trickles down your throat as if it were the first time.

What’s even more amazing is that you can achieve the #PerfectCoke at home!

Hello to my 250ml Coke Sakto!

Fill a barrel with ice!

Put your Coke bottle inside a barrel.

Chill while the Coke is chilling! /pun intended #sorryimnotsorry

I usually play video games or work on blog posts while waiting.

Or you can always spend this time beautifying yourself! I uploaded new hair tutorials on my YouTube!

And that’s it! After a few minutes, you’ll not just have a normal Coke, but you’ll have *the* #PerfectCoke in your hands. If you don’t have a barrel, or if you prefer doing it without ice, you can always put it inside the freezer! Super easy, right?

I hope you guys get to try this at home! Happiness in a bottle! <3

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