Hong Kong July 2014

It was during this trip that I was so thankful for Hong Kong being so near Manila. Early this year, I booked this vacation for myself, only to change the schedule a week before the scheduled flight. I had to attend some important events for work, so I was only left about 24 hours in Hong Kong. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


My mom and brother left Manila on our original date of departure, so I met them around lunch time the next day. I missed going to Langham Place and iSQUARE with them when they arrived, huuu~


Dropped my luggage off at the hotel, and immediately went to Times Square to check out the Batman 75th anniversary exhibition! BATMAN IN HONG KONG. When will your faves?


I think it ended last week, so here are some photos in case you missed it–


Retro Batman and Robin!


Straight from the airport, living on an hour’s sleep kind of face.

Blazer from EMODA!


The 2008 Tumbler.

(I had to do a double take while typing the word tumbler because it looks so wrong with an e…)


Old school Batman!


This was the highlight of the exhibit! It’s always double the fun when exhibits are interactive.

People can take pictures from certain photo spots (there are instructions on the floor) to get that 3D illusion that you’re caught by Joker, etc. Cool beans!


Saw these cute notepads at a bookstore in Times Square.


World Cup x MCM. I was thisclose to getting my first MCM bag (it was black/white/yellow with snakeskin) but figured I should just visit the flagship store in Korea when I go in October! I heard MCM is cheaper in Korea by 10-20%, plus the fact that EXO went there so… *fangirl feels*


Quick macaron and coffee run at Laduree.


I got my energy back when I visited my favorite Aland store! BUY ALL THE KOREAN GOODIES!


Can’t miss out on flat-brimmed hats if you’re into K-style.


Black and white, camo and stripes. I felt like I belong already.


I can’t with the glitter sandals though…


iPhone cases that come with the most adorable toy charms!


Sunglasses! I’ve been wearing them more often since I went to the US last May. Can’t believe I only just started to appreciate them now! I NEED MORE SUNGLASSES IN MY LIFE.


There’s Laforet in Harajuku… and there’s Laforet in Hong Kong! I don’t know if it’s owned by the same company though!


Lots of quirky stuff that you can’t really find in malls. There are also a number of stores that sell clothes imported from Korea, if you’re into that kind of fashion. It’s just near the giant SOGO in Causeway Bay.



A store dedicated to our furry feline friends!


Huu, so cute. I die.


Fashion for the boys.


Laforet x KOBITOS! Do not know if cute or creepy!


My brother made a dinner reservation at a restaurant in Central, so we went there early to check the place out because I haven’t really had the chance to do so in the past.



In a nutshell, Central is a high-end business district with lots of designer brands and luxurious hotels in the area. I loved people-watching here because everyone was dressed so well! I got posh, sophisticated vibes from every single person I passed.


L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon! THE DREAM! I only eat fancy stuff when I’m with my family, and I have my younger brother to thank for all the good food that I’ve eaten so far. Ever since he got back from his internship in the US, his restaurant standards have never been higher! On the contrary, I’m such a kitchen noob. I can’t even cook rice or fry an egg.

Believe it or not, I usually just settle for fast food when traveling alone. I spend all my money on clothes and make-up, if not gadgets lololol I hate spending more than 30 minutes eating at a restaurant when there are other things that I can do instead #travelpriorities




BEST BURGER EVER. The three of us got a sampler each, and it was pure bliss.


Didn’t bother taking photos of all the things we ordered because we were too excited to eat! I swear I’d make a horrible food blogger.

It was during this dinner that I came to the conclusion that this 24-hour trip was worth it. My tummy was very happy!


Welcome to Saint Laurent Paris, my future home. </3


Time to call it a night. At this point, I was a walking zombie.


Woke up the next day, and realized that I was going home already. WHAT THE! I just arrived! *cry*


So I went on hyperdrive, and started going to the nearest malls for some last minute shopping. Went to Miramar Shopping Center for Liz Lisa, Lip Service, SLY, Noela, moussy, snidel, etc.


Went to The One Mall for EMODA, MURUA, and the new STYLENANDA! Park Sora brings all the girls to the yard.



Got the shirt in the middle for my boyfriend. I feel like my greatest contribution to his life is fashion, lol. I get him clothes every time I travel, and I’m so happy that he always wears them!


Last but not the least – collect point at Mira Mall.


Went on a shopping spree at JEANASIS. Lots of discounted items at LOWRYS FARM too. It was a good thing I didn’t splurge on these brands when I was in Tokyo last May! Patience is a virtue. Every sale is worth waiting for, lol.


Before heading to the airport, we had coffee and dessert at Wired Cafe! An invisible ball of energy draws me closer to anything Japan-related, wherever in the world I am. They have cafes in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Shinagawa, so this may seem familiar!


Caramel potato chips! The caramel ice cream was glorious, but I wish the chips were more salted.

You know how McDonalds McFlurry and fries make the most wonderful combination? I need more of that sweet and salty contrast!


Chocolate parfait as a last farewell.

This trip went by too fast. Someone bring me back to Hong Kong. I haven’t finished shopping and eating yet!