H&M Denim Reborn

TG/DG in H&M's Showroom.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get that wallet out or swipe that card for any kind of purchase. We wear our favorite clothes over and over again until it’s almost ripped to pieces, and they end up hidden somewhere at the back of our closets. As for me, I’ve garnered a ton of clothes from my blogging work over the years, and I admit I’m one of those people that urgently needs to do something about the unused pile of clothes that I have (ugh, I used to be such a hoarder!). Sure, I can easily sell them at bazaars, but I found a better alternative – H&M’s garment collecting initiative.

I genuinely wanted to find out how I can do my part as a responsible human, so I went to H&M’s showroom for the first time for their Denim Reborn event. Basically, it was an event to highlight their H&M Conscious line a.k.a. “fashion that looks good and does good”. I find myself trusting brands a bit better when I know they’re doing something greater than just selling their products.

At this age, I just don’t want to be blindly wearing things while ignoring the impact that it can do to the environment. Affordable prices are tempting, but we also have to think of sustainability in the long run!