Hong Kong September 2013 Part 1

Thanks to Access Travel and Tours, Crissey and I were able to go on our first trip abroad together! We’ve been BFFs for close to 7 years already, and I don’t know why we’ve never planned something like this until now. It was so much fun that we’re thinking of flying again next year! Korea or Japan, maybe? I can already ourselves flailing over our favorite K-pop and J-pop groups. Shinhwa and Arashi please! <3

Traveling with Crissey gives me so much energy that I don’t even know I have in me. We took the first flight out so we had to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Usually I can’t be bothered to function like a normal human being around this time, but upon meeting each other at the airport, we already had some lulz-worthy fail Trissey moments that kept us laughing hysterically until we landed in Hong Kong.


Korean-inspired airport fashion! And yes, I have the exact same sweater. I have more matching items with Crissey than my own boyfriend, hahaha #TrisseyForevs


First stop was The Peak, just because we’ve both never visited the place before.


The walk was surprisingly long, lol. I suffered from slight motion sickness in the plane but dragged myself to walk uphill to get to the Peak Tram. Thanks to Crissey, it wasn’t difficult to forget about my dizziness for a while!


The tram made me so dizzy, huhu


How it looks like from the The Peak! First thing we noticed was that there were so many foreigners.

And then we realized that we were foreigners too! For some reason, people also kept asking Crissey to take their pictures. We concluded that her perpetually smiling face makes it so easy for other people to approach her, and that maybe her cheerfulness is amplified a million times when she is next to low-energy me!


Pretty patterns. We spent about 5 minutes taking pictures of this wall. This is why we are friends.


Pretty patterns again, but this time, on chocolates!


Princess-y things that’d totally fit rooms with Marie Antoinette themes.


Why hello there, Wall-E.




View of the city from The Peak.


The tram responsible for making my head spin like crazy for the rest of the day.


2PM spotted on the MTR to Mong Kok.


Greeted by these cute piggy cakes at the basement of Langham Place! Too cute to eat!


Rose-shaped chocolates.


Crissey and I didn’t know there was a Hello Kitty exhibit in the middle of the mall! We were so lucky to catch it while it was there! Naturally, spazzing ensued and we took tons of photos like there was no tomorrow.


We can only wish for this to be edible.


Hello Kitty overload. I’m starting to think HK stands for Hello Kitty and not Hong Kong.


Even the pillars had Hello Kitty on them!


Found the cutest Vespa on our way to…


Angelababy’s baby cafe! We’ve been fans of her for a very long time so we made sure to pass by this place. I don’t know anyone else but Crissey who is as interested in Angelababy as me so thank you universe for making this happen. I would always pass by this place before but my previous companions all have no idea who Angelababy is.

Crissey and I were already fans way back when she and Janice Man always took pictures together as models! We still follow them closely on Instagram. <3


This dish pretty much revived me from the dead. Gone in 5 minutes. Trissey x food = don’t expect any leftovers


White chocolate and almond coffee! Love!


MORE HELLO KITTY GOODNESS! Check out those cute black and white wedge sneakers with the Hello Kitty logo!


Had strawberries the next morning… after eating Teddy Grahams for breakfast. My attempt at healthy living is laughable.


Time to take OOTDs! I swear we didn’t plan our matching black and white prints!


Because it still amazes me how Crissey doesn’t seem to age. One day, I’ll definitely figure out where she keeps her stash of unicorn blood…


The fashion of my future daughter, lol.


First agenda – Times Square! Luckily there weren’t too many people yet when we arrived so we took the opportunity to take pictures.

What’s a travel post without any updates of what’s currently in store?


Alexander Wang boots!


Wood-style mini Pandora! So cute! But Crissey and I are both bigger fans of Givenchy Antigona. ONE DAY.


Now that I have a PS1 a.k.a. my most perfect bag to date, I’m thinking if I should also get a PS11?

Someone stop me and my Proenza obsession. Someone also stop them from making such wonderful bags.


I popped Crissey’s Ippudo ramen cherry, hohoho


After lunch, we shopped til we dropped at the giant Aland store in Lee Theater.

BUY ALL THE KOREAN GOODIES. Bought so many oversized tops that would look perfect with skinny pants and sneakers.


The Aland store in Myeongdong is one of my favorite places to shop in Seoul so I was ecstatic when I found out that they opened in Hong Kong too! There’s another Aland in Harbour City but this one in Causeway Bay is much bigger and more complete. Don’t forget to check this place out if you’re going to Hong Kong soon!



How can anyone resist these? I wish Aland could open a store in Manila one day.


Outfits I’d definitely wear. Whenever Crissey and I are together, I always try to make her go to the dark side and leave all her florals and pastels behind. Of course, I never succeed. She also tries to convince me to go back to my Liz Lisa style but I honestly feel too old for it now, lol!


Shopping F/W collections is dangerous for my wallet. Good thing Aland is super affordable and there were also a lot of items on sale when we were there. Can’t wait to go back!

I took too many photos so I can’t fit them all in one post. Stay tuned for the second part soon. I’m also very excited to see Crissey’s post because she worked so hard to take a lot of pictures. :)

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