I managed to catch the most important sakura tree in Himeji Castle's grounds.

I’m all praises about Himeji nowadays. Every time someone tells me they’re heading to Osaka, I immediately take the opportunity to convince them to take a day trip to Himeji and see Himeji Castle.

Last March, I was finally able to go on a new place in Japan! I couldn’t have picked a better destination than Himeji, a better time than just before the influx of sakura/sightseeing tourists, and a better travel buddy than Rg. It was a great experience to be able explore a city that’s new to both of us – seeing Rg’s little gasps of surprise made me feel all giddy inside as he’s usually the one who tours me around and takes the lead. I was totally in my element, playing pretend tour guide when it was also my first time in Himeji. Japan has that effect on me, I guess.

Osaka Castle’s got nothing on Himeji Castle. Its clean, all-white facade is a sight to behold, but the 6-story wooden interiors are just as fascinating. Our wedding colors were actually inspired by Himeji Castle’s blue gray roof tiles!

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Himeji Castle recently, it underwent extensive restoration until March 2015.