Pond’s x Happy Skin #HappinessMakeover at Piandre Salon

One of the things that I’ve always wanted to regularly do on my blog is MAKEOVERS! And I’m happy that I got to do it through Pond’s and Happy Skin’s #NoMakeUpLook campaign. Beauty and fashion are transformative, and makeovers are a great way to jumpstart a better outlook in life (and love, if you want!) and a more positive self image.

Last September, us Ponds bloggers invited our followers to post their best #PondsNoMakeUpLook photos on Instagram, and tell us why they deserve a makeover. The Pond’s digital team and I decided on Lulu and Ruth, two girls with completely different backgrounds but the same love for that kawaii lifestyle that I often post about!

On our #HappinessMakeover day, I brought them to two of my favorite places – Piandre Salon and Mango, for a head-to-toe transformation. Happy Skin also came along and helped me teach the girls how to do a perfect Tricia-style #NoMakeUpLook using their products.

Lulu’s before and after photos! She works in an IT company where it’s not really mandatory to look made up everyday, so she really misses having day-long pampering sessions at the salon.

Her request was for her not to have her hair cut (I feel you, girl! I’m also growing my hair out to mermaid length!) but have it dyed the same hair color as mine. However, I didn’t want her to bleach her healthy hair, so we just took the brassy orange tone out, and blow-dried her hair into smoother waves. We also had to trim her fringe since it already grew out to an awkward length.

As for Lulu’s make-up transformation, I taught her how to use the Pond’s BB Cream and Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel (which can serve as both primer and skincare), while Piandre Salon’s make-up artist used Happy Skin products to achieve an everyday look that enhances natural features.

We finished it off with the Pond’s x Happy Skin #NoMakeUpLookLippie which I also wore in these pictures! Most flattering pink ever!

Twinning! I can’t wait for my hair to reach this length, huhu.

Ruth’s before and after! I’ve already met Ruth a couple of times before, and I’m so happy I got to be good friends with one of my longtime blog readers. She has TV appearances here and there, and is definitely no stranger to being under the spotlight.

Her request was to have her hair trimmed, treated, and styled for a more youthful look. Since she does commercial shoots, we couldn’t really do anything drastic, but we had her do my favorite Vanilla Bean treatment at Piandre. Best part – this service also comes with a free head and shoulder massage. The hairstylist also trimmed the damaged ends of her hair, and finished her hair transformation off with tight curls for a change.

A good canvas as the secret to perfecting the #PondsNoMakeUpLook!

Piandre’s make-up artist used some of my favorite Happy Skin products on Ruth – Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo and Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara. I really swear by Happy Skin’s eyebrow duo! It was the only product that made my face look decent during my hectic US trip last month, lol.

Part 1 of the Pond’s x Happy Skin #HappinessMakeover done! I’ll be posting the second part shortly. Stay tuned! Thanks to Pond’s, Happy Skin, and Piandre Salon for making our afternoon a pleasant one!

Spending time with these lovely girls was quite an experience. In a way, I felt like I’ve come full circle. These girls (and all of my readers and followers) put me in the position where I am now, and it’s finally my turn to give back in my own capacity. Here’s to more makeovers in the future!

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