Hannah Kong Debut Collection

2011 throwback. The last time I met Hannah Kong, she was just on her way to study at Ecole Lesage Paris (of YSL, LV, and Dior fame!). I was still doing photography full time, and I was tasked to take photos of her family for one of the Rockwell magazines. I still remember the moment when her dad introduced her daughter as an aspiring fashion designer… to me, still somewhat a newbie in the social media scene.

5 years later, and things have changed so much. This time, I’m not taking her portraits. This time, I’m taking photos of the product of her hard work, and posting them on my platforms for my followers to see. (We’ve come so far!)

5 years later, and I’m getting married. These bridal shows are just about everything for me right now, and I’m so honored to have witnessed this particular show. Fairytales came to life in the form of 15 stunning dresses by Hannah Kong. Elaborate beadwork, detailed embroidery? Pretty much what princess dreams are made of.

What a debut collection! Surely, you’ll be hearing her name for the next couple of years (or decades!).

My favorite dresses would have to be the first and last ones in this series. Love that V and that pearl veil!

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