Singapore February 2015 Part 4 – Haji Lane

In true blogger fashion, I went to Haji Lane. AGAIN. If you missed this post back in 2012, here’s an update!

I accompanied my first-time visitor brother Calel to see one of the most Insta-worthy spots in Singapore, but we didn’t really stay too long since I already put a shopping ban on myself.



Stayed long enough for OOTDs though. The last time I went to Haji Lane, I was all alone (as usual) and I didn’t have anyone to take my photos!


The area going to Haji Lane.


Charming, as always. Still reminiscent of our own Cubao X.


Love the Kate Spade-ish vibe.


Lots of people doing photoshoots here.


Wouldn’t blame them. Every corner of Haji Lane is picture perfect.


Ring for the engagement of your choice.


Here’s a new store that I don’t think was around yet when I first visited Haji Lane. Took a picture for keeps, since my hipster (haha, don’t worry, it’s just a joke) boyfriend loves bikes.


I remember seeing a lot more people here 3 years ago. I chalk up the lack of customers to the intense summer weather in Singapore. If I were alone, I would have been in such a bad mood. Good thing my brother was around to cheer me up and keep my mind off my sweaty self.


That oh-so-famous wall everyone has a photo of. This is not your practice life… a.k.a. YOLO!


Haji Lane, never change.


Cities I’d like to visit in the next few years.

I’ll never get tired of Tokyo even if I’m there every year. It’s been more than 10 years since my last visit to Sydney. Haven’t been to Berlin yet, but I’ve heard great things from my mom. The ones covered are New York and Los Angeles. Went to both cities last year, but I’ve yet to discover more places!


Do not cross, or be crossed!


Not Haji Lane, but still warrants a place in this hipster blog entry.


Near our hotel in Tyrwhitt was this quirky cafe called Tiramisu Hero.


Everything about it was adorable!


Thanks to David, I met the owner, who was also the artist behind the kitty mascot!


That night, my brother and I met up with David who then introduced us to Singaporean fashion blogger Nellie Lim and pageant winner Amanda Leong. Yay new friends! Amanda LOVES durian so she showed us to this place in Geylang where she buys them.


Just tourists being tourists!


BUYING DURIAN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. I actually never knew durian could cost so much! I used to think they’d just be like melons or watermelons, or any similar-sized fruit, lol. Or maybe Amanda just got the premium ones!


Spent my last night in Singapore at Amanda’s house which was partly under construction, haha. Without the heart, this message would’ve looked creepy in the dead of night!

That’s about it for my Singapore trip last February! Finally moving on to my Tokyo trip last March. I’ve already blogged my NHK-related entries, but I have a few more to show. Stay tuned!