Going Blonde

Before anything else, I apologize for all the mirror shots!


Last photo I took of myself before I went blonde.

Finally gave in to bleaching my hair after years of contemplation. I’m sure, at one point in time, if you’ve seen me in person or have spent a lot of time with me outside the Internet, we’ve already had some sort of “Gosh, your hair is so light!” + “Oh yeah? Thanks, but it’s not light enough for me!” conversation.

I have a collection of blonde wigs in different lengths to temporarily satisfy my frustrations, but nothing beats having actual blonde hair!

I was luckily born with naturally straight, fine, thick-ish Asian-black hair (My mom has fine, straight hair while my dad has the typical thick, straight Chinese hair). I managed to put up with it until highschool, but I totes had a dyeing spree once I reached college. I gradually lightened my hair through the years without bleaching, mostly because I was so afraid of the damage bleaching entailed. I’ve always had a fascination with light hair ever since I could remember, really. My chronic bitch face paired with my natural black hair never meshed well together (had that “snob appeal” formula down pat), and I found it way more interesting to experiment with make-up and different hairstyles with lighter hair.

Throughout college I almost never took care of my then-super-long hair properly – I would only use random brands to wash and condition my hair, and I would curl and style it without heat-protecting products. This went on until early this year… until I decided to cut 5 inches off my hair all at once. The ends of my hair looked so damaged that I couldn’t go out without having to curl them (thus, damaging my hair even more) or putting my hair up in a bun to hide the ends.

I guess hair care was something I took for granted, because when I still had virgin hair, I never had to comb or condition so often because my hair was so naturally healthy and dead-straight. Sadly, it took a toll on my hair in the long run. :(

After cutting my hair last May, I became keen on starting anew. I took care of my hair obsessively by using the right products and having regular hair treatments. Even if my hair dye was relatively lighter than my college color, my hair has never been healthier in years.

Perfect time to go blonde, I thought. And so I finally went for it!


Can’t believe I subjected my hair to this purple gunk you see right here. :) Funny that the bleach didn’t sting my scalp at all! And to think I was deathly afraid moments before they applied it to my hair. They were saying that it was good that I had years of dye experience before subjecting myself to bleach because during the whole process, I didn’t seem too surprised with the smell and the sensation of it all.



What a sight! Five people were working on my hair simultaneously to get an even color. They advised against bleaching your own hair, because they said it would be immensely risky (harsh chemicals and all) and some parts of your hair might end up lighter than the others depending on the time of application. But then again, sometimes that’s just what some people exactly want.


After washing the bleach off, I ended up with this:



Even if I know a lot of people settle for this kind of blonde, I found it so awkward on me. Nice color for Halloween though. I think I could go as Sailor Moon with this yellow.

BRB, off to find a sailor outfit.


And so they proceeded with applying tone-on-tone coloration to kill the intense yellow. I didn’t want to subject my hair to so many things at once so I’ll probably have to go to the salon again for a permanent hair dye once the toner washes off.


My hair looked a little green for a while, but I’m happy I ended up with something a little less intense:


Me with the lovely people at Indigo Salon which you can find along Temple Drive, near White Plains and Corinthian Hills. Jun Sollano (second from left) has been cutting and dyeing my hair since 2009.

Going blonde is such a life changer, especially now that I can’t apply make-up the same way as before. I could seriously go out with no make-up at all with darker hair, but I don’t know if I could still do that now without looking freakishly washed out. It’s fun in other ways though, like blue and gray contact lenses and baby pink make-up suit me better now!


To give you an idea, the box on the left is the toner that they used to make my hair shinier and less yellow. The green bottles are my new purchases to maintain my current color. Pureology is pretty much a miracle for people with dyed hair. <3


Inspirations for going blonde: Japanese gals Tsubasa Masuwaka, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Nanase Kubo and K-pop idols CL from 2NE1, Nana from After School and GorJessica from SNSD. <3 (Not in collage: Hyuna from 4minute, Sunny and Hyoyeon from SNSD, Gyuri from Kara, Hyosung and Zinger from Secret, Nana Suzuki, Kana Nishino, Koda Kumi)