Gingham Girl

Recently got a skirt that looks so much like my high school uniform. To all the Paulinians out there, your school skirts can still serve as fashion statements even after graduation!

Kate-Katy top and skirt / MURUA bag and shoes / Time Depot Sheen watch

Kate-Katy top and skirt / MURUA bag and shoes

I styled it in two ways – one is nerdy Korean-inspired while the other is more retro-girly Japanese-inspired. I blame my Tokyo trip last March for getting me into mermaid-themed stuff! There were so many seashell earrings and accessories being sold at Shibuya109 while I was there, and it didn’t help that I was able to wear some at my J-Runway shoot (which I’ll blog about this month).

Gingham was still the top trend for spring and summer though, and I could totally see why. I’m actually really happy that gingham’s back because it’s a versatile pattern that isn’t just limited to the current season. It can still be carried over to fall and winter if styled properly. Classic!