Game, Set, Match

Tricia Gosingtian Fashion

Choies top and skirt set / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag / Kristin Perry bracelet / Chestbox heels

Tricia Gosingtian Style

Sheinside top and skirt set / Kristin Perry necklace / Lacoste L!ve bag / Mart of China heels

The first out it can very well look like something straight out of a tennis match, thus the title. Well, not really. Apologies for that one sentence of pretentiousness – I actually know nothing about tennis. And I still remain allergic to sports or any kind of physical activity. Still, no one has convinced me enough to encourage me to take up any form of exercise.

Matching sets are definitely my thing right now, and I promise to retire them temporarily as I just realized how I’ve been consecutively posting these same-theme entries. I also realized that I love them so much because they possess similarities with pajamas (oh yeah, I went there!). This is how much I badly need sleep. A few days ago, I also read “large fires” as “large fries”. Game over!