Fukuoka: Ohori-koen

Found the best spot for a photo! The start of the jogging track features this perfect canopy-like sakura tree.

Feeling just as hopeful about 2017 as the peak of cherry blossoms in Japan. I deliberately saved this post in time for New Year’s because I’m so thankful I got to see this life-changing view with my parents.

There’s always something about springtime – not only is it a sort of rebirth for the earth, but the symbolism gets me every time, no matter how cheesy it is. Things are sure to get better after winter. Things will turn out good in the end. I used to be partial to traveling to Japan during autumn, when the red leaves match the vermillion Shinto shrines, but cherry blossom season is making me think otherwise. Instant happiness!

Immersing myself in sakura was definitely one of my highlights of 2016. No amount of material possessions can ever compare to seeing both the sky and the earth covered in pink petals, and sharing the experience with the most important people in your life.