Fave of the Moment: 3S Pre-glued False Lashes


I am absolutely obsessed with these lashes. I can’t believe these haven’t gone mainstream yet because I’m pretty sure these will convert non-believers to wearing falsies regularly. Whoever invented these is a genius. I love you, Mister/Miss Pre-glued Lashes!

A lot of girls get turned off by the hassle of false eyelashes. Normally, you still have to cut them and buy a good separate glue (because the default ones that come with them usually suck). Then comes the hard part of applying it and making a mess out of your make-up if you make a mistake.

It literally takes me seconds to put on lashes now. I don’t even have to cut these because they’re the perfect size for Asian eyes. The “whispering” style is my favorite, and I’m wearing it for the second time as I type this blog entry. The glue is still there. It still sticks to my eyelids perfectly. I seriously can’t be any happier.

It’s a little pricey at P250 per pair, considering I usually get Japanese-brand lashes at around Y1050 or around P500 for 5 pairs. But it wouldn’t hurt to have these little timesavers around for a few extra bucks, especially if you have zero plans of getting a good eyelash glue or if you’re the on-the-go type and want the convenience that comes with this product.

Get them here. Thanks to Sophie for sending these to me! I am so set on spreading a good word out for these because suddenly false eyelashes have leveled up to something a lot friendlier. And making things friendlier for everyone has always been a goal for my blog.