Feel Blue


Being basically self-employed, I know I don’t really have any excuse to not work this holiday season, but as soon as I landed in Manila from Germany, I was set on a self-declared vacation. At one point, I felt so blue about not getting to spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I was gone for almost 2 months (October and December), but I’m glad I was able to focus on them the past few days. To give everyone the proper rest they deserve before work starts again next week, I also haven’t asked anyone close to me to take my outfit photos. So I’m back at the studio for now! I actually missed this! I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the studio (natural light is a gift!), but it’s really convenient how I can just do it on my own, any time I want.

Last night, while chatting online, Crissey brought out her fancy birthday astrology book, and showed me the description for people born on the 24th of November. This one sticked out the most – we apparently tend to seek refuge by isolating ourselves, and will forever be conflicted with having fun with others vs. enjoying time alone (himono onna life is THE life, okay?). This is why I get so confused about putting myself out there (such is the nature of my work), and staying as private as possible. I wish I could just paste this on my forehead lest I be judged as a loser or a killjoy (which I have, if you’re wondering). We all have our own definitions of things, and the best we can do as a form of respect is not to force anyone to take on the same definitions we believe in. Egos aside, let’s just leave it to agreeing to disagreeing…?

Anyhow, hello to all my fellow solitary people out there!

Zara top and skirt / & Other Stories bag / SM Parisian heels