You’ve probably been living under a rock if you’ve flown to Japan a number of times before and have never heard of or seen Esperanza. It’s a really popular shoe brand that proudly boasts of shoes that are made in Japan. All the shoes from Esperanza are, as expected, so high-quality that you don’t have to break them in! Japanese girls can walk the whole day in sky high heels and never get a blister because of these shoes! 

Of course, a trip to Tokyo will never be complete without a quick visit to their store in Shinjuku. It’s on the 4th floor of LUMINE EST, but they also have other stores in Shibuya. And Hong Kong! 

Ankle straps are probably the #1 shoe trend this spring/summer in Japan, and I love how Esperanza went all out with their embellishments this time!

3-tone ankle-straps!

Platforms for that extra height boost. Saw so many girls in Tokyo wearing the white and black ones! 

The gingham game is strong in Tokyo, and even their shoes are following suit.

Blinged out ankle straps for your precious princess feet.

Sexy black heels! I was thisclose to getting these, but I have way too many black shoes already!

Perfect shoes to go with your favorite denim bottoms.

I can already imagine these shoes with floral skirts!

Low heels for the faint-hearted. Note that the ever-so-popular ankle-straps are still there!

Closed toe ankle straps in pastels and cute prints!

Tiffany blue loafers! The giant white ribbons are too kawaii for my life!

Everyday shoes!

Dainty little heels and ribbons – can’t say no to that!

You can’t skip tropical prints this summer! Love the pointy toes on this pair!

Pink gingham! <3

The embellishment on the left is actually just a clip-on thing that you can also buy in the store!

Clip-ons to accessorize your favorite pair of shoes? Yes please! These are great ways to make your shoes look different every time!

Esperanza’s heel details are also wonderfully made. 

Esperanza exclusives. Think low heeled sandals are boring? Think again!

Special thanks to Esperanza PR, Rie-san! Hope to meet you soon! <3

I’ve been using Esperanza shoes for 4 years now and I love them to bits! Will definitely blog about the pair that I bought from them soon!

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