EnjoyJapan PH Culminating Event – February 7, 2015

After all these months of promoting Japan to Filipinos, the EnjoyJapanPH campaign finally came to a close last February 7th at an event held in R Space in Makati. It was such an honor for me to be the official blogger ambassador for this project, especially because Japan has always played a crucial role in molding me as a person.

The event was called “Enjoy Japan with Tricia Gosingtian”, and my friends all seemed to like it because it sounded all too familiar, like one of the many lame puns and rhymes that I always write here on my blog, lol.

Anyhow, apart from my short talk on my Japan experiences, the campaign also had a fashion show, as well as a grand raffle where the prize winner can enjoy Japan the way he/she likes it. Travel is really a luxury, and EnjoyJapanPH wanted to give one person a chance to make his/her dreams come true.


Backstage situation. No one does wigs better than the Japanese. Loved these Star Rich wigs that made me feel so nostalgic about my old hair.


With my fellow models for the Ryuukou Look-Book by Japacolle mini fashion show.


The campaign flew in super kawaii Harajuku style icon Yuri Nakagawa-san just for the event! We briefly met before (around March 2014), but we only really got to catch up here in Manila.


Floored with the number of people who attended the event. Thank you so much for the support, considering the campaign only depended on me and their Facebook page for promotions!


Button pins that people can keep as memorabilia.



Denim Closet from Kurashiki! I wrote about this Japanese jeans brand here.


Denim Closet owner, Singo Umano-san, was kind enough to give me omiyage from Okayama! Yum!


There were different booths present at the event. This one sold Japanese chocolates!


The H.I.S. travel agency offered super affordable packages to Japan! Maybe I’ll book my next flight through them.


The cutest pens and stationery at the J-Style booth.


Summit Books sold copies of my #TriciaGosingtianStyleBook, while the Diamond Beauty booth sold high-quality Japanese cosmetics.


The main event involved me having to talk about my personal experiences in Japan. I was only given about 10-15 minutes to present, so I just enumerated reasons why I love Japan and why it’s a very enjoyable place for all kinds of tourists.


Next up was the fashion show!


Thanks to Japacolle for letting us wear Japanese brands such as Wanchechou, Lil nina, and Denim Closet.


The styling was really simple because they wanted to highlight these amazing Star Rich wigs.


Spotted my BFF Crissey in the audience! So happy she was able to go to the event!


In between the fashion show and the grand raffle were smaller raffles with prizes that included signed photos and photobooks of Takeru Sato, among other things.

I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime, but it did. JeepneyTV will be showing Filipino-dubbed Japanese dramas and variety shows! Finally! There are also talks about them possibly bringing in Japanese artists in the future. EXCITED.


Congrats to the winner! So cute how his whole family supported him on stage. I can’t wait for their trip because I still remember how life-changing it was when I first landed in Japanese soil. That little kid is so lucky!


After the awarding, I stayed around for book-signing…


…and picture-taking!




I love these intimate events because I get to meet some of my readers.




Yuri got to say the Filipino greeting that we practiced backstage! Her “mahal ko kayo!” was the cutest!


Renowned make-up and hairstylist Yuka Gamiko-san did a hairstyling demo, and I was so jealous of the audience members that she picked as models! I really wanted to have my hair styled by her too!


Much love to my bestest friend in the whole world for the support. She wrote about her own EnjoyJapanPH event experience here. Can’t wait for our next BFF trip to Japan! #TrisseyTravels


With the some of the bosses of FujiTV, and the guy who made this possible, Yutaka Kitade-san. This campaign wouldn’t have happened without their help. I can’t thank these people enough for trusting me to carry this campaign on my own.


A month has passed, and I’m still not yet over it. We made Yahoo!Japan headlines. Pinch me!!! Congratulations to Lunar Saints Production for the successful event!


This event is really one of the most memorable ones I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I met so many new friends, including some of the nicest, most hard-working people ever. We were all bound by our love for Japan, and being able to interact to them was truly inspiring.

A big hand for Japacolle! They aim to bring Tokyo fashion to South East Asia and the rest of the world! Thank you Shintaro Hayashida-san for helping bring kawaii culture to Manila. Their Facebook content is all in English, which is just what we need!

There are more Japanese hair and nail salons popping up recently, and Hide2A is one of them. If you want the latest Japanese hair trends, check them out at G/F, B and P building, 843 Arnaiz Ave., Legaspi Village, Makati. I met hairstylist Katsutomo Mogi-san and manager-nailist Yayoii Ebi-san, and they are an absolutely lovely bunch! I wish their salon was nearer my house!


Cailly Coo, a web brand from Osaka, also gave me a gift! I love their concept – they want their jewelry to stay and age with you. Classic. Check them out here. You can also buy their jewelry on Rakuten here.


Gifts from my followers! I can hug you guys a million times, and it still wouldn’t be enough. THAT ARASHI THO

Fun times with EnjoyJapanPH. With everyone’s hard work, their Facebook page garnered up to 50,000 followers in a span of 4 months. Spread the Japan love! I’m flying to Tokyo again for work tomorrow – can’t wait!