Osaka November 2014 Part 3 – Umeda

After all that I’ve been through in Kyoto, I finally got to get some rest and relaxation time in Osaka. I half-dreaded the next day, because it meant having to fly back home! I say this not because I want to live in Japan, but because I was there during the most beautiful time of the year.


See? Illumination everywhere.


Autumn AND Christmas. Osaka, why do you have to make it so hard for me to leave you?



From Kyoto, I immediately dropped my stuff off at my hotel, and walked to one of my favorite places to shop – Nu Chayamachi.

I bought matching Comme Des Garçons PLAY shirts for me and my boyfriend here. Tax-free!


Kate Spade Saturday obsession! I hate that they’re closing soon. :(


There’s also an Opening Ceremony here! I always go to the one in Cat Street in Tokyo, so it’s nice to see it here in Osaka as well.


A few posts back, I mentioned that there’s a store in Shibuya/Harajuku called Asoko, where the line is always reaaaaaally long.

Well, there’s also a store in Osaka! No queuing needed. BUY ALL THE PRETTY KITCHEN STUFF.



The Osaka experience will never be complete without street musicians. These guys were AMAZING. They did covers of acoustic covers of popular songs (they seemed to be huge fans of Bump of Chicken), as well as original songs. So many people came to see them! Too bad I didn’t get their names!


Had dinner somewhere here. I go to Umeda Station for Hankyu Department Store. So many food choices!


The next morning arrived so soon. My flight back to Manila wasn’t until evening, so I made the most out of my day by going to the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living first thing in the morning.


Because these brands totally deserve their own building. I recently discovered GU is owned by Uniqlo.


After the museum, I took the train back to Osaka Station. There’s a Starbucks on the higher floors of LUCUA that I always frequent to. I like the Starbucks there because it’s right next to the bookstore.

BASIL CHICKEN AND AVOCADO SHRIMP SANDWICH. We never get the good stuff here.


Not a hair/make salon. This is just a normal bathroom in Japan. The world needs more these make-up counters with professional lighting.


Went to Grand Front Osaka (in front of Osaka Station) to check it out, since I haven’t really been there before.


Frozen-themed Christmas tree! The Frozen game is still strong in Japan.

What’s interesting here is that the stores are called “labs”, and on the 6th floor is a cool and hip food court which is open until 4 in the morning.



Went to Chayamachi again. Around this area is a second-hand store that sells Japanese and international brands for cheap. Some of them are as good as new, but you can get them for half the original price.



Umeda has a giant variety goods store called Loft. Well, you can see it all over Japan, but this one is HUGE.


I took this picture for my coffee hipster boyfriend.


Official anime merchandise.


One day, I’ll go the the Ghibli museum.


Shocked at this guy’s earring! Looks like a deadly weapon.


Purikura machines are so popular that they usually get these huge advertisements outside establishments. Last year, Kato Miliyah’s machine debuted!


Killed time at Urban Research cafe.


Because you can never go wrong with Japanese coffee.


Hep Five on my way back to my hotel! I think it’s the first time that I’ve shot it from this angle.



Last minute Yodobashi Camera run.


I wrote 14 posts on this trip alone, and it’s bittersweet to end it it like this. I still have Nagoya, Singapore, and Tokyo lined up though, so please stay tuned for my picture spam!

For those who are going to Japan this sakura season, enjoy!