Easy Breezy

Using an old Utada Hikaru song as my title because she just came out with a new song after so long! As a kid, I instantly fell in love with Automatic – it was on repeat on my Winamp player (old school, lol) for a long time before I discovered her other songs. Can you believe that it’s been 18 years since its release? Way to feel really old. J-pop will always be my first love *chuckle*.

Her Final Distance MV will always be one of my ultimate MV inspirations. More videos could definitely use that kind of aesthetic, yes? It’s like watching a live action adaptation of an anime or manga. I think the influence showed in some of my earlier photography work, considering my history with cosplay photography. Fun times!

Ahh, I need to get back into the groove soon. Hoping for your patience – I’ve been in a creative rut for so long, and I don’t know if I even learned any new skills in my 5-year hiatus. I just need to get all the wedding planning done and over with, and maybe then I can truly focus on getting my groove back.

In the meantime, here’s an outfit from June/July? I’m wearing Denim Closet (from Kurashiki) jeans again! I almost forgot how relaxed fit jeans felt like until I wore this pair. So comfortable and ideal for super busy days – I can’t believe I once said that I’d never ever wear non-skinny jeans. Taking those words back right now!

Yesstyle top / Denim Closet jeans / Louis Vuitton bag / Charles & Keith shoes / Time Depot Sheen watch