Earth Tones

One of the few things I like about summer is being able to get away with wearing light and airy clothes for the primary reason that they won’t stick to your body if things get all humid and uncomfortable. I must say that I like this off shoulder plus culottes combination a lot, and I think it’s a good alternative to the usual sleeveless top plus short shorts kind of summer outfit that we’re so used to seeing everywhere.

Also, get ready with all my earth tone outfit posts this year!My top two earth tones at the moment are pale blue and olive green. In my presentation for Forever 21, I mentioned that one of my secrets to achieving sweet, sophisticated style is re-considering color options. Instead of going for bright blue, go for navy or dusty powder blue. Instead of bright green, go for olive or pale mint. Instead of yellow, go for mustard. Instead of bright red and orange, go for maroon or rust, and so on and so forth. You can wear basics but still end up looking polished if you choose tasteful tones and pair them with other classic neutrals! Take cues from modern minimalist brands like COS, & Other Stories, Achro, OAK, EVERLANE, etc.

Arkipelago top / GU culottes / Longchamp bag / Aere flats