5 Reasons Why We Love the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino Top

I’m sure it’s no surprise that RG and I love a good cup of coffee. Our first date was actually a coffee date, and since then, we’ve had so many bonding sessions in different coffee shops around the metro.

After we moved in together, it took us a while to get a coffee machine. While the nearest coffee shop was literally a 5 minute walk away, it was still a major adjustment! When you’re so used to making your own coffee everyday, breakfast just feels a tad bit different.

We both had compact De’longhi coffee machines at our respective homes (err, parents’ homes) but of course, we couldn’t just claim them for our own. We eventually got one (a different brand), but it proved to be super messy (and I didn’t particulary fancy any sort of kitchen-related cleaning), and worse, I wasted so many good coffee beans (Sorry RG!) just trying to calibrate a good cup.

When we finally decided to upgrade, it was a no brainer to get the Eletta Cappuccino TOP ECAM 45.760.W. It had good reviews online, and the size was just right for our humble kitchen counter.

It’s been about a month since we got it, and I’m all praises! I can’t think of anything negative to say about it, because it truly is the most low-maintenance yet highly-functional coffee machine that I’ve ever tried.

Here are some reasons why RG and I love it:

1. It’s user-friendly.

It’s so simple and straightforward, that sometimes I joke that it’s definitely going to be my fault and not the machine’s fault if I press something wrong. The automatic functions make it so easy for us to customize drinks without breaking a sweat. It wasn’t hard for us to learn the controls because the buttons have very clear and direct symbols on them.

(Also, the tamper is my enemy, lol. I’m not an expert so I usually make a huge mess with manual coffee machines! An automatic machine made my life so much easier!)

This machine spoils me! The screen warns you if you need to fill the tank.

The milk reservoir has symbols that are very easy to understand.

Coffee beans in the big container, ground beans in the the small container. The machine automatically grinds the beans already so no need to buy an extra grinder. Bean-to-cup is one of its main strengths. Can’t remember the last time we actually bought ground beans.

2. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customized coffee.

So many possible permutations for both the coffee and the milk. You can choose the quantity of the coffee with – short, standard (my setting!), long, or extra long, the taste of the coffee – extra-mild, mild, standard, strong, and extra-strong (my setting!), the amount of froth – no froth (for latte, hot milk), minimum froth (for latte, flat white), and maximum froth (for cappucino, frothed milk, espresso macchiato). “My Coffee” is another programmable setting if you’re extra particular about the combination of settings.

But you can also just leave it up to the machine to do everything for you with one touch of a button!

Random fact: RG and I have different tastes when it comes to coffee. I like caramel-y, nutty, or chocolate-y notes (from South American beans) while he’s generally more experimental with exotic-tasting beans (earthy/fruity/citrus/floral notes from Africa or Southeast Asia).

3. Every cup has consistent quality and taste.

As long as we’re using the same beans, every cup that we make has consistent quality or taste. It’s especially great for people on the go who don’t want too much room for error.

Below are some of our favorite concoctions:

Nothing beats a good Americano!

There is a water spout that instantly produces hot water. I actually use it to make hot water for tea too, lol.

Something that truly showcases the power of the De’longhi Eletta Cappuccino TOP ECAM 45.760.W. One button and the milk automatically froths and the beans automatically grind.

One of my favorite drinks this summer. I don’t like putting sugar or syrup in my drinks, but I do like the taste of honey! One tablespoon of honey, one push of the latte button, some ice, and voila!

P.S. All our glasses are De’longhi double-walled thermo glasses.

4. It’s low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Can’t stress enough how important this is! Knowing that there was an automatic cleasing feature in this machine easily made me want to get it. It cleans when you turn it on and off, and the milk container also has its own cleaning option.

You just need to pull out the trays at the bottom to throw out the coffee beans (the machine will tell you when it’s time!) and empty out whatever’s left in there. The water that was used for cleaning can go straight to the tray but sometimes we put a beaker or a cup so it’s even easier to clean, lol. You guys I’m all about minimal effort, maximum results.

5. It’s the perfect mix of design and functionality.

It comes in a super sleek white color with a sensor metal touch control panel. Check out this beauty:

We placed it in a corner of our kitchen where we can easily access it! Even after a month of constant use, it still looks brand new. Somehow, I’m not afraid of any mishaps because 1) the build is super sturdy 2) They have excellent customer service.

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