San Francisco: de Young Museum and Japanese Tea Garden

Proposal spot.

My travels are never, ever complete without visiting at least one museum. I’ve been to SFO a number of times before, and I’m surprised at myself for not going to the de Young Museum sooner. The de Young is located in SFO’s Golden Gate Park. It’s easily accessible via tour bus, but my friend Kiks and I just uber-hopped our way to the museum from Hayes Valley. Since it was Halloween, the other people in the car were wearing costumes! Would’ve made a great carpool selfie if only I didn’t chicken out, lol.

The de Young showcases 17th-21st century American Art. We were able to catch their limited time exhibition, Jewel City: Art from San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific International Exposition, but unfortunately, photography was forbidden. I heard there’s an Oscar de la Renta exhibit right now, and I really wish I could teleport myself over there for even just a few hours of spazzing time at the museum.


So this marks the last of my October 2016 trip to Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Yesterday, I started importing my photos from Germany and found that I took over 4000 photos! I’m thinking if I should save those for later (since the photos are all very Christmas-y), and blog about my Osaka and Fukuoka trips first. Legit blogger problems, huu.