Davao 2016 Part 3 – People’s Park

On a busy Saturday, Rg couldn’t have picked a better place to chill than Davao’s People’s Park. There was something about it that instantly lifted my spirits – perhaps it was seeing everyone’s smiles, how clean the park was, all the lush greenery (that we rarely see in Manila) and interesting sculptures, or the fact that I felt so calm and secure? I usually get anxious in places where there are a lot of people, but true to its reputation, Davao makes it easy for anyone to feel like they’re in perfectly good hands. I particularly loved seeing people of different ages enjoy the park in their own little way. Life is truly here.

We capped off the night with a visit to one of Davao’s best restaurant’s – Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville. Loved the ambiance! This authentic French restaurant is also a tourist destination in itself as it used to be the ancestral house of the Obozas, dating back as early as the ’20s.