Comfy Wear

Light knits and sneakers always make for good everyday comfy wear.

Recently, a long-time follower of my blog asked me if I still wore heels everyday like I used to. I answered with one big fat NO. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I decided to stop torturing my feet (I was crazy for even thinking of wearing heels while traveling), but it was definitely the start of an era – one that didn’t feel contrived for the sake of a thousand Instagram likes. Let’s call it my “basic” phase. A lot of lifestyle changes followed, and I found myself much happier with this simpler sense of style. Not groundbreaking, but 100% honest, at the very least!

At the core of this comfy wear phase is my friend’s online store, Happymallow. Farrah’s curated pieces (imported from Korea) are perfect everyday pieces that never give me a hard time matching with my existing basics.

Happymallow top and skirt / Celine bag / Nike shoes / Time Depot Casio watch