Kawazu-zakura in Shinjuku

Taking a break from the extensive travel posts to share the beauty of Japan’s cherry blossoms! I was 2 weeks too early for full bloom, but one tree is definitely better than nothing.

Thanks to our helpful friends from METI who researched about the earliest blooming sakura trees in Tokyo, we were able to quickly and successfully find one at Shinjuku Gyoen.

Kawazu-zakura are some the earliest-blooming type of sakura! The reason why they’re called this is because the trees’ birthplace is found in Kawazu-cho in Izu Pensinsula. There’s a street there that’s lined with bright pink (Kawazu-zakura trademark) cherry blossom trees, and they hold a festival for it around February/March.

Most of the time, we see sakura illustrations and designs in pink. But the white ones, or the somei yoshino, are the most popular kind of sakura, contrary to popular belief.

If you have friends who went to Tokyo during this year’s sakura season, you’ll notice that most of their photos show the white/light pink variety. There are other kinds that even bloom later than usual, but I’ll save that for next time I go to Japan in spring!

Anyhow, I was so lucky to catch these vivid pink ones! It was so hard to stop to take photos.



EMODA sweater, jacket, and necklace / RANDA shorts and boots / Kate Spade bag

I had another jacket with me as this outfit was definitely too cold for March weather! I just deliberately wanted to match with the background, lol.












Dream come true! I’m pretty sure you guys are sick and tired of me saying that in each and everyone of my Japan-related entries. But really, cherry blossoms are EVERYTHING. <3 Seeing them will make you forget all your problems. THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!

It’s tricky to plan ahead for hanami/cherry blossom-viewing (the weather is unpredictable and the bloom dates change every year), but more or less, first week of April is the safest time to go. I want to go again next year!

Meanwhile, you can check out 100Tokyo for more pictures of sakura.

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