Celebrating at Watami

Congratulations Watami for opening at Ayala North Exchange (San Lorenzo, Makati)! Finally, near my hood! I’ve always been the biggest Watami fan – so much that I’d still insist on eating at Watami whenever I’m abroad. The view of Makati CBD from the terrace of this new branch is worth mentioning. I won’t include a photo so you can check it out for yourselves.

Another reason worth celebrating – my ability to move.

I’ve already wasted a whole month on bed rest this year, thanks (or no thanks) to my back. For years, I’ve actually been suffering from intense pain caused by spinal stenosis and bulging discs. I’d have days when my whole torso would be tilted to one side, making it hard to walk without crying and writhing in pain each step. I learned to live with sciatica, as if my back/leg pains were just a normal thing, an invisible handicap.

I’ve been rushed to the hospital many times because of my condition, and I’d go for days without posting anything on social media. Nowadays, I simply do not have enough emotional bandwidth left for any sort of public presence, but for a while, it was extra frustrating since my job required me to be visible all the time. (Thank goodness Hinhin can operate without me having to post photos of myself all the time!)

On this particular day, I was given a final warning by my orthopedic doctor to stop yoga and pilates… forever! Sad, since I finally found a workout I really enjoyed, but also happy because I was also able to properly walk again after weeks of painkillers and muscle relaxants!

I think the mere fact that I can walk again with minimal difficulty is enough reason for celebration. I can have everything in the world, but if my health didn’t allow me to enjoy my life and my relationships with other people, material things won’t really make a difference.

(Thanks to all those who have been patient with me this year!)

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