Catching Up at Denny’s BGC

Kiko was in town, so Kei and I decided to invite him to brunch at Denny’s before going around BGC. He was flying to Japan on the same night, and I found myself missing Japan so much that I started entertaining the idea of going to Japan again for my birthday this year. I haven’t been traveling recently because I’ve been busy focusing on my new brand, Hinhin, and settling down (for real) after the whirlwind that was my blogger life the past 10 years.

I’m happy I’m still in touch with Kiko after all these years. I’ve had so many Japan trips with him having to take 2-hour train rides to Tokyo just to see me, so whenever he’s here, it’s my time to drop everything. This was actually already the 3rd time I saw him during this trip, haha. Hope you don’t get tired of me, Kiko!

Anyhow, we all particularly enjoyed Denny’s Choco Peanut Butter Slam and All American Slam, as well as the new juice concoctions (Orange + Basil!).

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