Canmake Weekend

If you haven’t heard, CANMAKE is finally going to be available in the Philippines some time this year. After a million years, we don’t have to hoard overseas anymore! CANMAKE coming to the Philippines has always been a dream of mine since I’ve been using their products for as long as I can remember. Time to save up in time for their opening (September, maybe!) because I’m so tempted to stock up on… well, everything.

Last weekend, ½ of the CANMAKE team met up with Trissey (Tricia + Crissey) for the second time to bond over coffee and good food, as well as to brainstorm about cooperating with each other. Lots of projects are lined up after the launch, and the ideas are making me impatient and immensely excited because the brand’s goals are really aligned with our goals. Let’s work together to bring a certain Japanese aesthetic to Manila in one way or another. The movement has caught on long ago in other countries (Taiwan, HK, etc.) but better late than never, right? I can only see things going forward from here.


Chief Make-up Artist Bea’s make-up stash, complete with ALL of CANMAKE’s products. Can I have this for Christmas?

Somewhere, Crissey is busy drooling over CANMAKE’s famous Cream Cheek blushes. She only has 2-3 colors left before she completes her collection!


Eye Nuance eyeshadow trios in the middle of the Powder Cheek blushes and Jewel Eyes eyeshadows. I’m almost running out of my favorite Eye Nuance (second from left) which I have been using everyday for the past couple of months!


Sachie and Yukie straight from Tokyo! I coincidentally met Sachie on my flight to Tokyo (c/o EMODA) last May. Her husband owns a store in Shinjuku, and my brother actually went there to buy some clothes.

What are the chances? Destiny much? Thanks universe for making this happen! We also joked about chalking it all up to being lucky because we have double the luck, both being dragons (Chinese Zodiac)!

Random note: Ever since ToraDora came out a few years ago, Crissey and I have also found it especially interesting that we’re tiger and dragon BFFs. And yes, I also lovingly joke about Crissey maybe being the same height as Taiga too!


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