Come to my Book Launch!

I’ll be having a humble launch event with book signing on Thursday, and I hope you guys can come! I know those with school and work might have a difficult time attending given the time and date, but worry not – I’ll definitely make a weekend free for you guys in the next couple of months! No details yet but we’ll make it happen.

This event will also be my first meet and greet, and my first opportunity to thank my supporters in person. I’m already thinking of possible topics for small talk, lol. *awkward turtle* If my socializing skills fail me again, let’s just take selfies together!

Anyhow, a lot of people are asking me what to expect in this event, but I’m not really sure about any specific program save for the book signing and the part where I have to say a few words about my book. Rest assured that it’s not going to be super fancy. Just come as you are! If anyone is wondering, my book is P295 only! What a steal haha it has gold foil on the cover too! 

Also, my love CANMAKE will be displaying their products there (which you can get first dibs on), and Time Depot will be giving away a Casio Sheen watch omg check the mechanics here

See you there?