Blue and Yellow

I was going to wear this outfit with these culottes to the Swatch Metallix event when I realized I wanted to save them for another occasion. I did, however, already take my photos for my blog, so in order not to waste any efforts, I’m posting these photos anyway! I ended up switching to ripped skinny jeans, though I surprisingly really love these denim culottes with frayed edges. You’ll definitely see me wearing these again in the future. I feel like it’s a little out of character, which is probably why I am quite amused by the thought of it. I always love me a good style challenge. I feel like it’s a good balancing item for all the girly stuff that I have in my closet.

Also, this boxy black bag is my flavor of the month! I happened to pass by Shangri-la a few weeks ago, looking for a good bag to bring with me to my trip to Osaka, when I stumbled upon the Radley London store. I didn’t know anything about the brand until I entered the store, and let’s just say it was love at first sight. The price points were surprisingly reasonable too. I can’t stop stalking their UK website!

Gmarket top / Forever 21 culottes / Sleeh heels / Radley bag / Swatch watch