Bifesta Cleansing Lotion

Make-up removal is such an important part of my daily skincare routine. I rarely go out with completely zero make-up nowadays, so I have to make sure to take care of my skin properly, or else my face will end up a huge, pimply mess. You don’t want any of your make-up to stay on your skin for too long. You have to let your pores breathe when you go to sleep.


Bifesta cleansing lotions are your best friends when it comes to removing stubborn mascara or waterproof eyeliner and lipstick. When cleansing oil and facial washes still can’t do the trick, count on Bifesta to remove your make-up properly.

It is Japan’s first water-based make-up remover and is immensely popular among Asians who believe in proper skin care. You have to trust the Japanese when it comes to these things because they really have the best skin in the world! I always get surprised whenever I meet someone I think is just around my age but is already 5-10 years older, lol. I totally need whatever they’re having.

I use the MOIST variant because I have dry skin. Bright Up helps in whitening, Agecare helps in deep nourishment, and Sebum helps in oil control. I’ve also tried Agecare too and it works like a charm.


Using it is super easy! All you need is a simply cotton ball and 1-2 pumps of Bifesta cleansing lotion.


Duo black eyelash glue, K-palette eyeliner, CANMAKE eyebrow pencil, Lime Crime Red Velvet, 3 Concept Eyes red lip marker and NAKED3 palette eyeshadow on my very dry hand. You can’t properly remove all these with just soap and water!



Ta-dah! Not a single speck of make-up left. It only took one try to remove most of the make-up except for the stubborn waterproof lip markers. I had to use another cotton to make sure none was left on my hand. You really don’t want to leave any make-up on your skin because it might lead to skin problems and blemishes in the future. Better safe than sorry!


You can experience Bifesta at SM Makati (SM Store Beauty section) from March 27 to April 2! They will be giving away samples if you want to try it out at home or give them to your friends.

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