Bayo: Young and Free

Tricia Gosingtian Bayo

Tricia Gosingtian Bayo

Tricia Gosingtian Bayo

Bayo top, shorts and bracelet / Choies heels / Louis Vuitton bag / Yhansy necklace

Simple black and yellow outfit from no other than Bayo. I’m sure you can find similar stuff in your own closets, but that’s exactly the magic in this brand. There is beauty in simplicity, and Bayo definitely offers all things simple yet beautiful.

Often times in the past, I would feel conflicted about wearing clothes that looked normal versus ones that were able to steal attention from surrounding passersby. Somehow, back then, it was easy to fall into the trap of losing yourself in a world you thought was full of glitz and glamour. Some years ago, one of the worst things anyone could tell me was that I looked too basic and that my clothes were just as basic as the quality of my craft.

It took me more years of life experiences to realize that going back to the basics has always been my strong point, and that my very first encounter with the world I chose to be in will always come more natural to me than the second or third. I chalk this up to those awkward, immensely uncomfortable, too-overdressed, who-am-I-anyway moments when I simply tried too hard to fit in. Well, all I have to say to that I like wearing stuff that normal people wear. If I can’t be couture, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

I have interests beyond what most of you can see from what I share here. And those interests may or may not be about me. But at the end of the day, I always make a conscious effort to remind myself that the world is so much bigger than me and that I need to get over myself and what others think. Such a cathartic feeling afterwards.

I may not be attending glamorous formal balls or partying the night away, rubbing elbows with the hottest people in town, but that doesn’t make me less of a fangirl of life. :D

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