Backpack’s Back

Back to blogging again! Had to take the week off because of simultaneous work schedules and long shoot hours, but I promise I’ll get to blogging about my wedding planning soon! I have a lot of things to ask to people who have successfully planned their wedding before, and I think I should make a guide or an FAQ post for wedding planning newbies like me. Y/Y? You’ll never know – you guys might be getting married in the next few years and eventually find that post relatable. You might even think, “Has Tricia been living in a cave all these years? How does she have no idea about certain things?”, lol. Nowadays, I’m grateful that RG is a lot more exposed to the real world than I am.

Anyhow, I got this Longchamp 2.0 backpack in the mail recently. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. I don’t have a lot of stylish backpacks, and I actually planned on buying one after seeing Crissey‘s Le Pliage backpack! Longchamp anticipated this and sent me this wonderful gift.The thing about backpacks is that it’s so tricky to find the ideal size for my frame. Mini backpacks are always safe, though some that claim to be medium-sized end up being too big for me. This one is just right for my 5’3″ self. Was surprised by the beautiful tan shade with subtle aubergine accents – a little bit bold for my taste, to be honest, but I need this kind of freshness in my closet anyway. Here’s to a more daring 2016!

EMODA top / dazzlin dress / Longchamp bag / Kenneth Cole heels / Michael Kors watch