Apartment 8 in Tiendesitas

I just realized that I haven’t once written about any of Apartment 8’s stores, and I’ve already been consistently blogging about their clothes for more than a year now. Better late than never!

I’m so proud of this brand and how big it has become since it first launched last year. I can’t help but feel a little bit sentimental when I talk about them because I’ve seen them grow from the start and evolve so fast like a proud momma.

Their new Tiendesitas store marks yet another milestone for them, as is every time they open a physical store somewhere.


I visited the store on the same day as their opening. I live in the area and this store is now officially the nearest Apartment 8 from my house. Though I’m pretty sure that this still won’t stop me from always passing by their space in The Ramp Crossings in Shang…


Their iconic crop tops in different colors, as well as their newest printed leggings.


Items that may seem very familiar if you follow a lot of celebrities on Instagram! Their stylists always pull out clothes from Apartment 8, and you can’t really blame them because the brand really does offer a wide variety of modern styles to choose from. They also have clothes for both the conservative and daring, making them such a perfect brand for everybody.


I spot myself!


Best-selling printed bottoms mixed with some new arrivals. The tropical print ones are definitely a must-have this season and the next.


Sexy dresses for all occasions. The one in the middle is such an ideal beach cover-up!


I call this necklace “Caroline’s pearls”. (Caroline from 2 Broke Girls)


Arm candy!


Basic tops to go with your printed bottoms.


Get these scalloped-hem shorts before they run out of stocks! It’s so hard to find really good quality scalloped hem shorts, and so far, Apartment 8 offers the most well-made ones!


An outfit that I styled using items from their Tiendesitas store. Pair with a black bowler hat and black boots for a cool holiday vibe, or wear with ballet flats and a cute headband for a more relaxed girly feel.


Photos from Apartment 8’s recent collection. Lots of plain tops paired with fancy bottoms!


And lots of prints in general. Here’s one from a best-selling bodycon dress.


Embossed fabric is such a subtle way to spice plain dresses up.


Achieve an instantly sexy look with an animal-print skirt or dress. I’ve seen this print from their older collections before and I’ve always loved how it’s not flat-out leopard-print all the way.


Black and white is always a good choice for bottoms. This was taken from one of their newest high-slit pencil skirts.


Obsessed with this flower print on the ceiling!


Naturally, Apartment 8 had the most customers in the whole building. If you still need to ask why, then you probably need some more convincing! You can check out their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram for more information and lots of pretty pictures of people wearing their pretty clothes.

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