Munich: & Other Stories

& Other Stories was the brand I probably would have invented in a parallel universe. In an ideal world, my brand would look EXACTLY like this, with clean, polished, and wearable high-quality minimalist pieces for women of all ages. It’s amazing how & Other Stories was able to perfect the art of being able to come off classy but not at all intimidating. Hashtag goals! If I were to create my own line of clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories, I’ll definitely stay true to myself and make it as down-to-earth as possible. My style isn’t particularly ground-breaking, and I repeat a lot of my stuff, but it works for those like me who often dream of simple, practical living.

I first learned about the brand through their collaboration with Garance Doré (one of my idols in the blogging world) a few years back. Last year, I missed the NYC store opening by a day (AHH!), so it was only in Munich that I got to actually buy some of their stuff. I was so obsessed that I repeatedly and willingly went through the same racks every night and left the store with a shopping bag in hand each time.

Some damages were done: Fashion-wise, I bought a top, skirt, a blazer, and a bag. Beauty-wise, I got a powder blush, two different shades of their lip and cheek tints, and perfume that I wish I bought more of. Gifts-wise, I bought my friends nail polish and hand cream that I wish I also got for myself. If I had more space in my luggage, or if Munich were our last stop, I would’ve bought a lot more.

If there’s one thing that’s motivating me to go back to Europe again, it’s the promise of being able to shop at & Other Stories again. They can be found in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US, but I really hope they at least open a flagship store in Asia (Hong Kong or Japan?) or better yet, an online store with worldwide shipping so more people from this side of the world can enjoy it as much as I did.