Lace Up Top

Lace-up everything seems to be all the rage nowadays, including those IG-famous low-cut tops with laces that go across the cleavage. Besides mine being non-existent, I don’t think I can pull something bold off without looking like a try-hard gangly person. For now, I think I’ll stick to my jumpers, floppy hats, and long bell sleeves (which I heard will be big this 2016)!

Thanks to Ruth for sending these perfect boho tops over the holidays. She’s also coming out with choker neckline items soon, so be sure to check out her account if you’re into the latest trends!

1) AMS Clothing top / Yesstyle jumper / Moussy hat / Michael Kors bag / SM Parisian heels

2) AMS Clothing top / Happymallow skirt / Forever 21 hat / Michael Kors bag / REVOLVE Schutz heels