Akihabara May 2014

Blame it all on my perpetually bad luck when it comes to traveling, because it rained on my only free day in Tokyo. Nothing new! The rain was so bad that taking photos in the middle of the street became a matter of life or death for our cameras! (That being said, there won’t any wide shots of Akihabara in this post, but I made sure to include tons of kawaii goodness for the otakus out there so don’t kill me for being a bad travel blogger just yet!)

Good thing I was with the best company I could ever imagine, or else I would’ve spent the whole day sulking in a corner alone… in Akihabara… which isn’t so bad either. 8D *otaku face*

I met up with my friend Kiko, who brought Emika and Izumi with him. Yay for new faces! Emika and Izumi are two half-Filipino half-Japanese kids with whom I fell in love instantly! They’re super sweet, and hanging out with them made me feel young again (They are both less than 20, lol I’m old).

No amount of rain could ruin our parade! We originally planned go to Tokyo Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station before Akihabara, but with the copious amounts of wind and rainwater blasting through our faces, we decided to just settle in one area.


We met up at Akihabara Station, and quickly made our way to the UDX Building. While we’ve been to Akihabara before, it was everyone’s first time to visit Tokyo Anime Center! This day had a lot of “firsts” for everybody, making each activity all the more exciting.


Finally! Tokyo Anime Center is on the 4th floor of the UDX, but it took us so long to figure out how to get there because the building’s elevators were confusing!

From the name, I thought it would be a huge place, but it’s only actually a small gallery where they exhibit posters, character art, etc. from the current anime season, as well as sell a few merchandise of whatever’s currently popular.

Won’t even take you 10 minutes to go through everything in the room. Don’t know if I should recommend or give it a thumbs down or not, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to visit if you’re already in Akihabara!


All eyes are on Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei right now. I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes so far, but going to Tokyo Anime Center definitely motivated me to watch the rest of the series. The animation is beautiful but one of the character’s major brother complex turned me off a little, haha.


Naruto 10th anniversary poster + bonus cute SD Rock Lee!



Studies and sketches.


Strike Witches.


The Shingeki no Kyojin game is still going strong in Japan! Really wanted a Levi keychain but all his merchandise were sold out. Not surprised!


This mousepad tho!


Persona 4 character pins!


Thought I’d take a chance with this one since the Levi keychains were sold out, but pretty much all the Shingeki no Kyojin gachas were sold out as well, huhu.


HAIKYUU!! My current obsession! Sports anime are my everything right now – can you believe it? And I thought I was 100% allergic to anything related to sports.

I finished 35 episodes of Yowamushi Pedal in just 3 or so days (Thanks to jetlag for making me pass out at 8PM every night and waking me up at 4AM every morning!). Both YowaPeda and Haikyuu!! are both ongoing series! Now I have legit reasons to look forward to Mondays and Tuesdays. <3


Suddenly, ANOHANA! This series broke my heart and tore it to pieces, huhu. Watch it if you haven’t yet!

These merchandise have Anohana x Chichibu on them because Chichibu, Saitama is the setting for the series. Apparently, since the anime premiered back in 2011, there has been a growing interest in Chichibu among local and foreign tourists.

It’s amazing how much anime contributes to Japan’s tourism!


Persona 3 movie – I watched it after I got back from Tokyo… and all i can say that you should just play the game instead, lol. It’s good but the game is exceptionally awesome.

The P3 OST was, at one point, my OST of choice while going to and from buildings in Ateneo. I should write a book about how to treat your life like an RPG.


Akihiko-senpai! <3


Next stop after Tokyo Anime Center was Animate! It’s only about 5 minutes away from UDX, so you can’t really miss it.

Animate, in a nutshell, is a mall for otakus.


On the first floor are anime/manga magazines and random snacks with the cutest packaging!


Too cute to eat!


Didn’t have time to go through the whole building, but I made sure to head to the two floors where they sold character goods!

It was UtaPri’s teacher Hyuga Ryuya’s birthday recently, so they had these little banners in the UtaPri section to celebrate it. You can also write your own birthday greeting on a little piece of paper, and leave it on a box that they especially provided for the character!


Shingeki no Kyojin section = JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY


I got myself one of these. They made the titans look so cute, I can’t.


Shingeki no Kyojin-themed food – it exists. I wonder if these taste like humanity’s desperate cry for survival…


Sailor Moon fever! <3


YowaPeda’s Onoda would fit perfectly in this scene.


You can dress up your stuffed teddy bears in your favorite character’s outfits! Dibs on the Free outfits on the lower left and the SnK outfits on the lower right!



Haikyuu!! iPhone cases – yes, they also exist. (I mean, what *doesn’t* exist in Japan?)


And so do UtaPri cases. I’ll have one of Ren, please!

Japan will leave you bankrupt if you don’t exercise any self-control!


Evangelion 3.0! Man, that movie was definitely something. I don’t know what I was thinking back in 5th grade when I first got hooked with this series.

I watched the 3 movies, and I ultimately decided that there’s way too many symbolisms in Evangelion for a 5th grade kid to properly decipher. Or for anyone to totally get, methinks. I mean, x number of years have passed, and I still go “WTF?!” about so many things in the series…


Izumi, why so cute?!


We were talked into going to a maid cafe! D: DUN DUN DUN

Maid cafes are super strict when it comes to taking photos… or doing anything, actually! Everything they offer is overpriced and the food they offer usually don’t taste like anything special, but the whole MOE MOE KYUN HAATO HAATO DOKI DOKI KAWAII experience is unique enough to try at least once in your life.

Interestingly, I have actual Japanese friends who have never been into one of these cafes before! They call maid cafes tourist and otaku traps – hahaha are they really?


Sneaked in a group shot when the maids weren’t looking!


These cost us so much, but all is forgiven because they’re cute enough to be blogged and Instagrammed, lol.


To complete our Akiba experience, we took some “cosplay” purikura at a nearby game center! Since we still weren’t over the maid cafe we just went to, the following photos happened…


These were fun! Check out our telenovela pose on the left. <3

The costumes are kind of like aprons that you can just tie around your neck and waist. They may seem like actual clothes from the front, but in reality, the back part is totally bare! You can’t not wear anything underneath!

After our fun afternoon at Akihabara, Izumi had to leave, and I went to back to Shibuya with Emika and Kiko to meet up with Ashley!