Aeropostale: Live Love Dream

Hello, my name is Tricia, and I’ve been trying to keep fit this past month. After 26 years, I’ve decided to work my butt off! I realized that the least I can do to take care of my body is dedicating 15-30 minutes every morning for basic stretching exercises and cardio. I just do it on my own, and follow beginner stuff on YouTube. My sleeping habits have improved immensely, and I feel like my back pains are less intense now!

I’m not sure which one came first, but I have scoliosis and a really bad posture – the worst combination for someone like me who likes to carry heavy cameras around when traveling. I did a series of hospital physical therapy/rehab sessions for my back last 2010, but I failed to continue it religiously once it was up to me to do it at home. Occasionally, I would get back cramps and sciatic pain, and they’d be so bad that I’d often just lay semi-paralyzed in bed. The littlest movements would hurt like hell, and I’d have even less energy to go out and live my life to the fullest. Meanwhile, whenever I’d travel, I’d push myself to the limit. The stark contrast of my lazy, sedentary lifestyle in Manila, and my usually active lifestyle (mostly walking the whole day, and basically just moving) during my travels has rendered my back even worse than ever.

And now, for the first time, I’m actually trying to do something about it. I still have so many dreams I want to achieve, and I’ll have to have a strong body in order to accomplish my goals. Wish me luck! I really pray that I’ll never have to experience an episode of extreme back pain again!


And because I’m trying to extend my lifespan by a few more years (lol), I’ll need the right kind of clothes for working out. One of my go-to places for affordable active wear is Aeropostale’s Live Love Dream collection. Included in this area are yoga wear, sport-specific athletic wear, loungewear, and intimates.


Basic brights.




I love this outfit! Nice teal trim.


I remember taking Running for PE in my first year in Ateneo, and dying when we we had to do 3km for our finals. I was so out-of-shape and unmotivated that I only finished it for the sake of passing my class. If I were to do it now, I’d probably challenge myself to finish the run as fast as I could.

My cousin is joining a 42km run this year, and I die (again) at the mere thought of it. But it’s really inspiring, how he set up his daily routine in such a way that he can work, train, and attend to personal events without wasting a second of his life.



Reminds me of Buzzfeed’s “Men Try Wearing Leggings” video, lol. I don’t have enough leggings in my wardrobe, but they really are the most comfortable things in the world. Perfect for both working out and hanging out.


For the well-endowed who are having a hard time looking for a good sports bra, Aeropostale offers size XL!


Obsessed with these room shorts!


3 pairs of undies for P995? Such a steal.


Don’t miss out on the Live Love Dream collection if you’re visiting an Aeropostale store!



They also have really nice swimwear for all the beach babes out there. I feel like you can even wear these as normal crop tops if you’re not planning on swimming any time soon. :)

Follow Aeropostale’s Instagram, and use the hashtag #AeropostaleMNL if you’re posting about them! This store can be found at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing Mid-Level 2/3 near TWG.

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