Adidas Neo Bash

Last Saturday, I attended the Adidas Neo Label launch at Nuvo City. It’s Adidas’ freshest line of casual sportswear targeted to teens. I can’t play sports to save my life, so I was immensely surprised when they contacted me about it and wanted to give me an award for being an icon for the youth of sorts. They wanted all the awardees to wear items from the line itself and I chose to rebel and to wear something from their men’s line for a change. Got the only hoodie available in the smallest size and incorporated it into the rest of my far-from-sportswear wardrobe.

I hope it worked!

Obligatory Trissey. Crissey’s been so busy recently so seeing her there made me so happy!

Crissey and Shai bought matching adidas x Toy Story Bo Peep shoes before the event – so cute. I don’t own any sneakers or rubber shoes so I just wore harness boots from Five by Five. Maybe I should make “wearing more sportswear and streetwear” into a fashion resolution for next year.

The other awardees were Sam Concepcion, Maja Salvador, Tippy Dos Santos, Mike Silungan and Jessy Mendiola so once I again I felt a bit out of place since I’m not really a performer or athlete or anything like them. Well, I guess someone had to be a representative for art and fashion? Thanks to Adidas Philippines for this “Golden Camera Award” (very fitting!).

Hello Domz! Trissey Tiu together once again.

Bumped into designer Ziggy Savella.

With Love Chic, Seph and Shai. <3

It was a pretty great event, especially since my closest friends came to accompany me. Thanks guys! Adidas Neo Label is available at Market! Market! and Robinson’s Galleria.