Acne Clear Skin with Pond’s Besties


Crissey and I have been besties for 9 years. We met way back in Ateneo, and even if we didn’t have any classes together (as she was a year ahead of me), we clicked right away and spent a lot of our free time hanging out with one another. Hello to everyone who followed our deviantART adventures! Our love for art, anime, video games, Japanese and Korean culture, travel, etc. made us super tight to a point where we often find ourselves reading each other’s minds and finishing each other’s sentences.

We support each other wholeheartedly, but we’re sure to be the first to call out any problematic actions. Don’t think we tolerate or enable each other’s bad habits just because we’re besties! And of course, like in any kind of working relationship, we’ve definitely had our own share of ups and downs. However, we’ve proven that there’s nothing quite like mutual respect to fix any sort of misunderstanding! I’m lucky I was able to find someone with the same values and principles. Thanks Crissey for being my bestie all these years! <3


Last August 14th, we were invited to be ambassadors for the #PondsBesties campaign. Crissey isn’t as full-time with blogging as me, so the chances of us working together have always been slimmer than normal. But now, we finally get to cross it off our besties bucket list! We couldn’t be happier with our first official campaign as besties because we’re both proud Pond’s users.

Pond’s held a Besties Soiree where 200 student ambassadors and #PondsBesties from top high schools and universities shared their beautiful stories of transformation to inspire millions of teens to start achieving #AcneClearSkin. Spot Farrah (she came with her bestie Zanria)!

To empower the Pond’s Besties to inspire their friends to get #AcneClearSkin, Pond’s partnered with quirkly local brand Neon Island to create the ultimate Pond’s Acne Clear Kit. Crissey and I also got to customize our own kits with our initials T and C. So cute!

Included in the kit were every teen’s essentials – Pond’s Acne Clear White Face Scrub, Pond’s Pimple Care Gel, a notebook, and a lip and cheek tint for that subtle hint of color.

Fellow Pond’s blogger ambassador Nicole Andersson hosted the event, and Dra. Dana Olalia helped the Pond’s Besties student ambassadors debunk myths about acne.

As a sweet tooth, I asked about the effect of my diet on my skin. Apparently, food like chocolates and peanuts aren’t direct causes of pimples! There are, however, certain kinds of food that can trigger pimples and make them worse. We should steer away from high glycemic choices like white bread, rice, donuts, cake, potatoes, soft drinks, and beer.

Dra. Dana’s pimple prevention tips included proper and regular cleansing, using a product specifically for the face, and never using body soap for your face (like, how unhygienic is that?).


Thankfully, Pond’s, the No.1 Face Care Brand in the Philippines, offers the best solution for pimple-suffering teens: Pond’s Acne Clear White Face Scrub. Unlike regular soaps, which only clean the surface of the skin, Pond’s Acne Clear White Face Scrub has micro scrub beads that work deep within the skin to fight oil and pimples, thus, helping teen girls get #AcneClearSkin. It also has the Pond’s Institute’s pimple-fighting salicylic acid that removes 99% of acne bacteria, as well as oil-absorbing herbal clay that removes excess oil, redness and blemishes.

One of the highlights of the event was getting to meet some of the student ambassadors! Everyone was so stylish and STUNNING! (And I felt super old, lol)


Barretto sandwich! This campaign also marks Claudia’s first event as a Pond’s Girl!


Congrats to the Pond’s team for pulling off such an awesome campaign!


With my other bestie, Farrah! I swear we didn’t talk about wearing the same Happymallow skirt!

With the Pond’s Acne Clear White’s #PondsBesties campaign, Pond’s is able to reach millions of teens all over the country, allowing them to get #AcneClearSkin, and the confidence they need to live their teen lives to the fullest. Pond’s Acne Clear White Facial Wash is available in all stores nationwide.

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