A Day In My Skin

Tried to go back to old school blogging for a day, with the help of my husband who tried his best to faithfully capture these candid moments. I figured I’d let you guys in on this one very happening Sunday, post-BU13 (thanks everyone who dropped by my booth and bought some of my pre-loved clothes!).


12:00nn: A quick lunch at the nearest food court. Oily Chinese food – yikes!

Our Sunday mornings are usually spent cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry, but we ended up sleeping in because we stayed up late the night before. Around 9-ish, after packing up our things at the bazaar venue, we still managed to somehow find strength to line up outside Little Tokyo for a sushi run with some close friends. Stayed until closing even if we already felt like zombies – ugh!

I can totally feel lifestyle implications now versus when I was in my early 20s. Nowadays, if I don’t get at least 7 hours a day, it instantly shows on my skin. Gotta fight against premature skin aging! I still woke up earlier than Rg to make breakfast and do my make-up (and skincare routine) though. A busy lady’s gotta do what a busy lady’s gotta do. Lack of sleep weakens the skin but we can always do something about it, imho.


2:00pm: A visit to my parents’ house to drop off all the things I used for the bazaar.

We don’t have a lot of space in our apartment, and I’m glad my parents still haven’t burned all the stuff I left at their house after getting married. I guess that gives me a reason to go visit them at their house once in a while.


That, and of course, Bailey and Angel! Spent a couple of minutes playing with them outside the house. I missed them so much! (Pets are allowed in our building but since we’re not always at home, and it’s only really just me and Rg, it would be sad to get a dog that we wouldn’t be able to take care of.)

A huge chunk of my everyday married life is spent balancing between managing the household while still churning out content for my blog and social media platforms. It was a huge adjustment for us to suddenly live without a helper (after growing up with one or two always tending to our everyday needs), but part of our decision to get married involved proving to ourselves that we can survive on our own, even if our parents are always more than willing to provide for us. #adulting


3:30pm: Stopped by White Plains to buy pots and plants for our apartment.

We are currently obsessed with indoor plants! Already got a few from Rg’s parents’ garden shortly after getting married, but we haven’t fully gotten around to transferring everything to proper pots and bringing them from outside (our balcony) to inside our home until recently.

I feel like plants are a must when living in an apartment building. The area we live in is perpetually dusty (we’re somewhere in between a river and a very busy Makati CBD), and the air quality is so bad that we had to get a heavy-duty air purifier just to improve our situation. Can’t remember the number of times I fell sick while adjusting to condo living. City life apparently causes 20% more hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, but it’s not like I can move to the province at the moment.

You know why we’re also prone to dull skin? Pollution! Indoor plants not only help purify the air naturally (and therefore improving skin conditions), but they can instantly make an apartment look more alive. Our place looks far from IG-perfect, but baby steps!


4:30pm: Retouch in the car.

I spent so much time outdoors that I had to double check if I still looked human. It’s a little sad to know that even in a car, we’re still exposed to 75% of today’s UV radiation. Someone on my IG live once gave me advice about sun protection and how we still need to take care of our skin even while indoors. 4 days in front of the laptop is like 20 minutes under the mid-noon sun. God knows how long I spend in front of my laptop!

Working with the Ponds Insiders taught me that there are different factors that impact the skin upfront, and most of the time, we take our skin for granted. (On my lap is the Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream with SPF 18 PA++!)


5:30pm: Sunday slowdown at the Finders Keepers Creative Flea Market at The Tent in Acacia Estates.

I wasn’t able to visit the day before because of BU13, but I made sure to drop by on the last day of the bazaar. Some of my favorite booths were Daydream RepublicTestify Progressive Cafe, Hull&Stern, and Paper Shoot.


7:30pm: Wings for dinner! My family decided to drop by the bazaar too, so we were left with a small selection of restaurants nearby. Ahh, Sunday cheat day indeed!

8:30pm: Last minute grocery shopping because we found a supermarket near our parking area. If you look closely, you’ll see some plants in our cart since Rg’s been trying to grow some herbs in our balcony. Even if we binge on weekends, we still try to keep our diets in check the rest of the week. I buy lettuce, arugula, asparagus, and broccoli whenever I have the chance. Sugar-rich and oily food can make skin 3 times more prone to breakouts, but we’re not afraid – we take proper care of our skin, and try our best to drink a lot of water as well.


9:30pm: FFXV time! This was before I finished the game. I stressed out on Zegnautus Keep (horror game realness), and didn’t expect to take hours in one chapter. The photo on the left is really how I look like while playing (as captured by my husband), while my pose on the right is how I think my readers would imagine it, lol.

I recently bought a PS4 Pro after months of deliberation – yay! I used to share one with my brothers at my parents’ house, but since I moved out, I had to get my own. Best purchase of the year so far, since 2016’s wedding planning anxiety didn’t allow for much play time, sadly.

Went on IG live after a week of being a hermit, and some people noticed how my skin looked duller than usual. I also had small spots on my cheeks, though I have no else to blame but myself. I call it my “gaming skin” – no time for proper food or skin care until the game is done. All those sleepless night paid off when I finished the game in just around 2 weeks!

So that’s about it! A day in my skin! Is my it strong enough to withstand all the skin enemies that we unconsciously face everyday? YES, thanks to information that I learned from The Pond’s Institute!

Feel free to comment if you have any skincare concerns or inquiries about how our lifestyles affect our skin condition. I’ll reply back, I promise! I can even consult with my fellow Pond’s Insiders and the experts over at The Pond’s Institute. :)

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