4th of July

Just a mish mash of photos from an afternoon bonding sesh with my friends. Kiko was in town (from Japan) so we all met up at St. Marc Cafe in Greenbelt… which, on hindsight, was the silliest idea. Firstly, St. Marc is everywhere in Japan so we could’ve picked a better place to meet Kiko. Secondly, we spent 30 minutes worrying about Kiko who was roaming around Glorietta and Greenbelt just trying to find it… a common cafe that’s super easy to spot in Japan. Sorry Kiko!

Friends being friends, we ended up just laughing about it. :) Of course, we couldn’t say farewell without proper outfit photos. Keita and Jade wore the cutest matchy matchy overalls, while Ashley and I both had blue color accents in our outfits by coincidence. Then we took a photo of Kiko and Crissey together because they finally met after a long time of being friends on social media. My Tokyo friends and Manila friends are slowly merging into one happy otaku/kawaii group. <3