#TriciaGosingtianStyleBook Launch Part 2

Happy birthday to me! I waited for this day so I can finally blog about this part of my book launch. I’ve been really blessed this year, and I feel like there is no better way to cap my birthday off than to thank everyone who made this book possible. This is one major milestone I’ll never, ever forget.


Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl has officially become a best seller too, despite it being launched mid-month! If there’s anyone on my thank you list that I should thank first (besides God and my family), it’s definitely you guys. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams!


Thank you to CANMAKE for being one of my book’s official partners! I’m the biggest fan of the brand and I pretty much spaz every time I see their products.


Much love to the CANMAKE team!




Another major partner of my book is Casio Baby-G and Sheen, which are two watch brands that my followers should be very familiar of! I’ve been wearing their watches for years now, and SNSD becoming the endorsers has made me love them even more.


Thank you to Sonja’s Cupcakes, a.k.a. my most favorite cupcake place in the Metro, for serving the guests some of your yummiest cupcakes!


Thank you Marla, editor-in-chief of Candy magazine, and also the editor for my book, for all the kind words at the beginning of the book launch program. Sometimes I feel like people give me more credit than I deserve, but I’m so glad I have a blog to make myself heard.

While I produced most, if not all, of the book’s content, it was Summit Media who really made this book materialize into something tangible. When I submitted all the requirements on my end, it was them who pieced everything together to create the #TriciaGosingtianStyleBook that it is now. Couldn’t have done it without them!


Thank you to my brother Juju for capturing so many pictures of me while I had the most awkward speech in the world. I have the derpiest talking face, so here’s a non-talking one to make myself look more decent, lol.


This is the craziest thing! So many people attended my book launch, and they all held my book up for a few seconds so we could take this picture. YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST.


Erin from Candy hosted the event! Much thanks!

And here she is interviewing Ruth who won the CANMAKE contest! Ruth is a regular commenter on my blog and other social media accounts. I felt like we were close friends already when we finally met!


Thank you to my college friends Drew and Keena for attending my book launch! BFA ID represent!


Thank you Bea of Apartment 8 for getting lots of copies of my book and giving them away to Apartment 8’s most faithful followers. Hope the winners of the giveaway enjoyed the books!


Thank you Tracy! SPCP represent! Love this girl for her kindness and humility!


Starstruck because THE Saab Magalona attended my book launch too, heehee. Miss our Tumblarity days!


Thanks to Go Negosyo for being present as well! They gave me an Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur award last 2010 and have been very supportive ever since.


Thanks to my old friend Jason for dropping by and getting a copy for his lovely wife! Hope she liked it!

You might know him if you’re part of the local photography scene as he is the big boss behind Shutterspace Studios along Katipunan Ext. Visit the studio some time. Imho, it is one of the best studios, if not the best one in the Metro.


Thanks to Darlyn of Belle de Jour for dropping by! Most people don’t know this but she was my blog’s manager for a long time. Wish I could be as brilliant and entrepreneurial as her :D


My high school best friend Martha dropped by! We’ve been friends since 3rd grade – can you believe it? We both went Ateneo but couldn’t really meet up as often as we wanted because of our contrasting schedules. Plus she was like a math genius who took up Legal Management while I was just lulzing around campus taking cosplay pictures with my friends during break time, lol queue hashtag alamnyoyan

We managed to meet up again after college, and it was just absolutely wonderful because I still felt like we were really good friends despite not talking to each other as regularly as we did in high school. <3


My brother’s girlfriend and cosplay/fashion extraordinaire Cat got a copy for her friend Pinky Lu Xun! So overwhelmed because Pinky is one epic cosplayer and I didn’t know she follows me and knows about my existence!


With THE Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and THE Vince Golangco of When in Manila. So lucky I got support from two of the best Filipino bloggers and pioneers in the Pinoy blogosphere.

We were all being managed by the same company for some time and meeting these two again brought back so many memories from 2012. See you guys around! Hoping your awesome blogging skills will rub off on me!


With Edric and his brother Evan. And of course Rg!

I’ve always strongly believed in Edric’s photography and I’m so happy he is going places now. He was responsible for converting me to Fujifilm recently, seeing how he’s been constantly able to produce beautiful pictures with his XPro1 and XE1. Fujifilm Philippines should make this guy an ambassador or something! Love his work!



Summit Media and Candy girls! I just turned 25, but I’ll always be a Candy girl. Thank you for my first modeling break back in 2006, for awarding me during the first ever Candy Style Awards, and for believing in me so much to give me the responsibility and title of being the first fashion blogger in the Philippines to publish a book. Hope to have even more firsts with you girls in the future! <3


And lastly, thank you to my family for the unending support. I couldn’t have done this without you all (including my baby brother Calel who is working in the US right now). Thank you for giving me strength when I need it the most.  <3

I’ll be having my second book signing on November 30, 2PM, at National Bookstore TriNoma. You can buy your own #TriciaGosingtianStyleBook right then and there! There is no excuse not to be there because I made sure that the event will fall on a weekend where there should be no work and school! I’m so excited to meet all of you!