Philippine Star: “22 under 22”

Was part of Philippine Star’s annual list of ‘22 under 22’. On a related note, first time I wore jeans to a photoshoot! AND, don’t mind the “hairstylist” thing – I was surprised they actually included that, even though I’m more a stylist (see “styling” tags) and a model than a hairstylist. They probably saw my YouTube tutorials, but I seriously don’t do hairstyling as a profession… yet. :)

Tricia Gosingtian

November 24, 1988

Blogger / photographer / hairstylist

Achievement is…within the realms of possibility — just believe in yourself.

The best advice I’ve ever been given: “Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it but it’s because everything happens for a reason — and usually as long as we keep our hearts and minds open, we will find that life has better plans for you,” from my mom, circa 2001.

A piece of advice I’d rather forget: Stop snacking on junk food at night.

The biggest challenge you’ve had to hurdle to get to where you are: Believing in myself for the first time was a challenge, albeit it is still a recurring one.

Your biggest goal: To surpass my parents and make them prouder of me than ever, to be able to one day provide for them as they have provided for me, to influence the local art scene on a massive scale, to live in a house full of cats (kidding), to travel around the world and to take pictures until I get tired of it (which is never going to happen).

Have you registered to vote? Why or why not? And who do you plan to vote for? Yes, I have, and at the rate revelations and declarations are going, I’ll most probably decide right before elections.