072009: Sam

Sam Tan, 21, IV BS Psychology

The outfit: denim jacket from Singapore, white shirt and jeans from Zara, sneakers from Nike, watch from Oris, bag from Arrow
Personal style: musician
Lots of jackets and hot sneakers in his closet.
Influences: band frontmen and Kanye West
Favorite brands: Nike, Zara, Topman
Preparation time: 10-20 minutes
Hang-outs: Powerplant Mall, home

I particulary love the colors of this outfit. The gold accents remind me of steampunk. And how awesome is this gold earphone necklace? It automatically wins at life for being so unique.

The magical shoes that people have been lusting over. Passersby were repeatedly telling him, “I like your shoes!”

Was in photographer-mode, thus the lazy outfit, but posting nonetheless for the lulz. Yay for fashionable friends like Sam. He does vocals for a rock band – does it show?