072009: Isa

Isa Almazan, 19, II AB Communication

The outfit: gold earrings and black pearl pendant from mom, blue polo from her brother’s closet, jeans from Jag, blue flats from Rustan’s department store, bag from Thailand
Personal style: whatever I feel like in the morning
Lots of necklaces and pendants in her closet.
Influence/icon: Zooey Deschanel
Favorite brand: ukay ukay ; no specific brand – random finds
Preparation time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Hang-out/s: Blue Eagle Gym dojo, Colayco Pav, mag:net

Bumped into some judo varsity people before my class at Bellarmine! Patty and Paulo’s photos to follow. They were all so cute! Their judo seniors/masters were watching them pose for pictures from afar, and I could see how close they all were just by hearing all the little sidecomments and the hearty giggling.


Shiny pearl necklace – too shiny that I could see myself in it!